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The Raid 2 Review – Second Time Round

The Raid 2 Review
‘The Raid 2’ follows on directly from the end of the first film, as we find Rama (Iko Uwais) seeking help from a section of the Indonesian police after the chaos that ensued in the tower block. Rama is quickly utilised undercover to get close to a crime boss and expose the rampant corruption within the police department. However there is unrest in the criminal underworld as a truce between the Indonesian & Japanese criminals is put to the test when a new, younger criminal hits the scene.
Today I watched ‘The Raid 2’ for the first time since I first saw it at the cinema, and it was just as relentless and powerful as the first time round. Watching it at the cinema it can be very easy to get sucked into the excellent action set pieces, due to the immersive nature of how you watch it. However there is so much more to the film than just the action. Gareth Evans has created a sprawling, epic story about the criminal underworld, as well as Rama’s own individual story. If you look past the elegant violence of the films there is a depth to the events and interplay between factions, which could have easily been spread over two films, but it works just as well within the one. It is impossible to mention The Raid without taking into 
Though it is the action that sets it apart from other films of the same subject, the periods between the action set pieces are just as impressive. The direction is patient, the cinematography is beautiful and the scenes are well acted and played out. As a sequel to a breakout film it would be very easy to recreate the same film in a different setting, The Hangover II amongst others has taught us that is never a good idea. Thankfully Evans knew better and has done what few other sequels have done, and that is create an entire working world without leaning on anything from the first film.
Should a third film arrive from Evans it could easily go down as one of the greatest crime trilogies of all time, alongside the likes of Infernal Affairs and The Godfather. If you have not seen either of ‘The Raid’ films then you need to change that right now. Not only are they two of the best action films to have ever been created, they are quite simply modern classics.

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