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Hello. My Name is James. And I am the Fourth Snooty Usher.

But that’s enough about me!
My columns are going to be a bit of a mixed bag. There will be reviews of new films and some older ones, any TV programmes that catch my eye, and various other stuff. I hope to be “Negotiating Netfilx” before too long, and will be running some gimmicked columns of my owns, “best/worst of” lists and the like. Since this is my first column, I’m going to start off with one.
And what better way to start than to look ahead to the future? There have been some pretty bad-ass trailers released this last week, that will lead into some of the biggest films of this (and next) year. So here’s the first All Killer No Filler Trailer Round-Up! (name subject to change) with a bunch of trailers that got me particularly excited this week. Without further ado…

First up is Mad Max: Fury Road (release date 15th May)
And if you have seen the special featurette that is currently showing in cinemas at the moment, you will be even more excited. From the look of the trailer, and with “FROM MASTERMIND GEORGE MILLER” plastered on every poster, we hopefully will be getting a hard, nasty, dirty film. For a $150 million film that has spent at least 12 years in production that’s exactly that I was hoping for. TWELVE YEARS – and that’s only since George Miller announced he had finished a script and got the financial backing. We’re talking Chinese Democracy levels of delays. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron look to be bringing it, and Nicholas Hoult is almost always good isn’t he? He’s come a long way from About A Boy. It still baffles me that George Miller is the man behind Mad Max AND Happy Feet (and Babe). He’s got some range!
One brand new trailer this week is Ant Man (release date 17th July)
It looks good, right? But does it look great? I’m not sure. I didn’t think Guardians of the Galaxy would be as good as it was, and then I thought it would be too weird for the mainstream audience. I was happy to be proved wrong about that, and would love it if Ant Man was even half as successful. This seems to be the first of the second tier Marvel films that are coming – and is anyone sure if this is the last Phase 2 film or first Phase 3 one? – and it will be interesting if it can find an audience. Can Paul Rudd seems a strange choice for such an action-based film – but didn’t we all think the same about Chris Pratt? He is also a scriptwriter with Adam McKay (Will Ferrell’s long term collaborator) so the question has to be asked: can it get the right balance of humour and action? From the trailer, I’m still on the fence.
Also new this week is Spectre (release date 6th November)
Bond is back! After doing huge business with Skyfall, Sam Mandes and Daniel Craig return, and I for one am delighted. I’m a long term Bond fan, and the one thing the Craig-era films haven’t ever really developed is the shadow organisation working against MI6. This isn’t just a terrorist organistation, or a criminal empire. This is SPECTRE. Quantum of Solace was meant to be the second part of a trilogy before MGM’s financial problems put the third part off – and the film we got instead wasn’t too bad, was it? If Christoph Waltz is a “senior figure in SEPCTRE” – is he a certain Ernest Stavro Blofeld? Or is that too Star Trek wormhole time travelly? And how does Mr White from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace fit in, not to mention the new MI6? I can’t wait for November!
Next up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (release date 25th March 2016)
Like everyone, I had mixed feelings when this was announced – although I think I’m more open to Ben Affleck as Batman than most. I thought Man of Steel needed a sequel to really establish not only Henry Cavill as Superman, but the entire Zack Snyder created world. There’s some interesting things in the trailer – Lex Luthor’s voice just dropped into the mix, “False God”, and it looks like we get a full formed Batman, rather than another origin story – and I’m definitely intrigued. Is this a genuine team up movie, or a Superman film featuring Batman? Or vice versa? And how does this lead into the Justice League movie? It feels like a long wait to get the answers.
Finally Star Wars: The Force Awakens (release date 18th December)
And I just had to leave this until last. Why? I just cannot critically analyse this in any way! It’s a new Star Wars film people! Luke Skywalker! Han Solo! Chewbacca! I am sure at some point between now and December all of the Snooty Ushers will give their thoughts, but for now, I’m that little boy with Star Wars bedspread again. “Chewy, we’re home.” Yes sir. Yes, you are.
So that’s enough of my ramblings. I’ll wrap things up with some plugs for the rest of Snooty Ushers. 
Click here to read Dan’s latest review of the The Town That Dreaded Sundown, a remake of a 70’s horror flick, which was one of the very first slasher film. Best/worst remakes? That sounds like an idea for a future column…
And Chris’ latest offering is here, charting his thoughts on those “pesky kid’s films” that don’t get the respect they deserve. Great article that one, give it a read. Favourite kid’s films I’ve rediscovered as an adult? That sounds like an idea for a future column…
Or, click here for Dave’s latest about his favourite character and personal hero Neil Lennon Superman, and his various incarnations on the silver screen. That sounds like… a really good article. What? 
If you want follow me @mrlaycock. Or don’t, it’s up to you.
See you soon.

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