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The Name’s Bond… Casting 007

Come Autumn 2015 and the release of ‘Spectre‘ Daniel Craig will contractually have one more film before departing the long heralded, recently reinvigorated spy shenanigans of James Bond. So realistically, the next film about James Bond without Daniel Craig in the titular role would be at least 4 or 5 years away. However that does not mean we are unable to play a bit of fantasy casting for who would fill the boots of Bond. Below is a collection of actors who not only are likely to fill the role but also who I personally feel could give it a good go.


Choice 1 – Idris Elba

As it stands I reckon this is the most likely course of action for replacing Craig. Rumours have been circulating for a while now and personally it is something I would like to see. Elba has proven himself to be a solid actor who has successfully demonstrated a wide array of personalities in his roles. From playing the intelligent Stringer Bell in the brilliant ‘The Wire‘ to the soft spoken revolutionary figure Nelson Mandela in ‘Mandela‘, Idris Elba can bring a big chunk of gravitas to the role as well as a looming physical presence. Though he has a shorter filmography than most, he has played a wide selection of characters and appears to have not been typecast in anything yet. There are some questionable film choices in his back catalogue (The Unborn, Prom Night) but that shouldn’t prevent him from doing the role justice.



Choice 2 – Tom Hardy

It’s hard to deny that Tom Hardy is not making waves in the world of film. Just like Gary Oldman, it feels like every role Hardy has he completely and utterly tries to embody that character without flaw. Sometimes it can feel he tries too hard but his performances in the films ‘Lawless‘, ‘The Drop‘, ‘Tinker Tailor Solider Spy‘ & ‘Bronson‘ are nothing short of fantastic. Hardy could bring an intensity to Bond that Daniel Craig has only really been able to scrap the surface of (More a product of the material he has been given as opposed to ability). One thing that stands out for me in the filmography of Hardy is the character of Eames in ‘Inception‘, a role that is a sort of supporting variation of Bond, and he did it well.



Choice 3 – Christian Bale

The big money choice, and a one guaranteed to bring financial success, but whether this is a project Bale would be interested in is another matter. After a stint playing Batman, and the one and done portrayal of John Conner in the so-so ‘Terminator Salvation‘ Bale has no other big bucks franchises in his midst. He may want a break from that sort of thing, especially after some phenomenal turns in more low key fare such as ‘Out of the Furnace’, ‘American Hustle’ & ‘The Fighter‘. The presence of Bale on a film like Bond would also guarantee a proper director. With the exception of McG, since ‘Batman Begins‘ Bale has worked with a laundry list of top class directors like Scott Cooper, Michael Mann, James Mangold, Zhang Yimou, Ridley Scott & David O’Russell. By the time this role pops up Bale will be the perfect age for at least a couple of 007 films. Though Suave is not necessarily a trait we have seen a lot from Bale, you know damn well he’ll bring to the screen whatever is required of the character.



Choice 4 – Tom Hiddlestone

Tom Hiddlestone is a classically trained actor and with his looks he could pull off the sleek, intelligent Bond with his eyes closed. What makes Hiddlestone such an interesting choice is he can go dark so easily and so well. His film career is very young but if you look at the sheer number of projects he has been a part of since ‘Thor‘ it is clear people know how promising this man is. If they announced he was the next Bond I’d be very happy, but I think to sell him to the general public he needs to show his action side a touch more. It’s not that I do not believe that he couldn’t meet the physical demands of it, far from it (considering he trained Capoeira for Loki) but ‘Avengers Assemble‘ aside the stunt demands have been light so it may take a thriller or two to push him into line for the role.



Choice 5 – Chiwetel Ejiofor

This is my dark horse choice. More likely to turn up as a supporting character in a Bond film Ejiofor has hopefully hit the the big time with his performance as Solomon Northup in ‘12 Years a Slave‘. He has the acting chops and the physicality required for the role and could definitely bring a more dramatic edge to the character, but whether that is the direction MGM or Sony would want the character to go is another enigma all together.




For the Future…

This is my attempt of a “I told you so” in a decades time or so, putting it out there now and getting all Nostradamus on you readers. My main prediction for the future, who I would bet a few pennies on being James Bond down the line, is Jack O’Connell.

No British actor has matured and developed so quickly into quality leading roles and performances in recent memory like O’Connell has, and he is only 24. It’s clear he has a bright future and right now there is a raw energy to his work which is great to watch. It’ll be a good decade or so until the time is right for him but if he continues the way he is going O’Connell will be in prime position for 007.



For Your Consideration…

So many good names, such little space to type but how about Andrew Lincoln. I mean why not? Though his career has primarily been in television, his run on the’The Walking Dead‘ as Rick Grimes has allowed him to showcase his abilities to not only lead a TV show but make it unimaginable without him there. He has the looks, he has the skills and he has proven adept at dealing damage with every object he can. The only thing that would hinder this possibility is his lack of film experience. Not that he couldn’t handle it, but I don’t see the studios backing an unproven Box Office draw, because TV success does not always translate to film.


So do you have a favourite name in mind who you would like to see be the next Bond, or do you have a completely out of the box suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “The Name’s Bond… Casting 007

  1. Another contender would be Michael Fassbender. Similar reason to Tome Hardy. He can bring an intensity and has played a variety of roles both starring and supporting, look at performances such as Hunger (2007) The Counsellor (2013) and the new X men franchise. We know he can handle action and could easily play suave and sophisticated.

    I also Like Damian Lewis. I think he could be a very interesting, but a longshot, casting choice for Bond. He can play smooth and suave, More importantly he can portray a very deep character while not necessarily going as Dark. He hasn’t had as much of a consistent or blockbusterish resume like some of the other Candidates, but still has a very broad back catalogue including foreign films e.g. Brides(2004). Look at his performances in Homeland (since 2011), Chromophobia(2005) The escapist (2008) and of Course Band of Brothers (2001).


    Posted by Welshy | April 27, 2015, 20:45
    • I had considered Fassbender but I just didn’t think it would be something he would take on, it would be interesting to see though. His small stint in ‘Haywire’ as a sort of agent was intriguing until his neck snapped. Damien Lewis would remind me a little too much of Pierce Brosnan, though a better actor he comes across a bit similar to me.


      Posted by Dan Lauder | April 28, 2015, 03:25
  2. Mark Strong for me, he has been a favourite actor of mine for along time. He is more often than not the villian of the piece, but its his turn in Rocknrolla (2008) that stands out. Fiercely loyal, but with a mean streak and a dry sense of humour. I have to say, I think Jack O’Connell is a great shout and have a feeling that you might be spot on!


    Posted by Dave McKee | April 28, 2015, 00:42
    • Mark Strong was actually on my list until the very last minute, the only thing that I took him off for was his age. Not that he is too old, but at 51 (he looks 10 years younger) his window of opportunity is closing fast, especially if they are looking for a familiar face over a number of films. I personally think if he does appear then it will be in a villainous or supporting role. Another 00 agent perhaps?


      Posted by Dan Lauder | April 28, 2015, 03:23

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