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Man of Constant Sorrow…Casting The Punisher

It recently came to light in an interview from Collider that Tom Hardy suggested he’d want to play Frank Castle, a.k.a The Punisher. Though the idea of Tom Hardy harnessing his intensity into the role of The Punisher is a salivating one, it is also an unlikely one. Marvel are years away from bringing the character to the big or small screen and they are also rivals to Warner Brothers, who are Tom Hardy’s usual studio. Regardless it’s time to have some fun fantasy casting the role of The Punisher, hit the jump for our choices.


A. Andrew Lincoln
If Marvel were to bring The Punisher to the small screen, to run alongside the likes of Daredevil and such then they need to look no further than Andrew Lincoln. Star of ‘The Walking Dead‘ playing Rick Grimes, Lincoln has buckets of talent and has stole the show alongside Norman Reedus. If he was to tackle The Punisher he would need little help in terms of support due to his likeability and presence on screen, which is perfect for the role of Castle as heis primarily a solitary character. Throughout the seasons of ‘The Walking Dead‘ we have seen Lincoln go through nearly every possible emotion, and it is this diversity which would serve him well as The Punisher. Before Frank Castle sought vengeance against the entire criminal underworld he was a man with a family, so you don’t just need an imposing death machine, you need a tiny bit of heart too. Rick Grimes has flirted along the line of becoming pretty much like Frank Castle in recent seasons of ‘The Walking Dead‘ so Lincoln can easily slip into that role. As a side note, Andrew Lincoln could easily do it on the big screen as well.


B. Matthias Schoenaerts

This man has blown up since starring in ‘Bulhead‘ in 2011, and can recently be seen locking lips with a multitude of leading ladies in ‘Suite Francais‘, ‘A Little Chaos‘ & ‘Far From the Madding Crowd‘, all released this year. All of these films a million miles away from something like The Punisher, so why him? If you have seen ‘Blood Ties’ or The Drop’ then you may know why. There is a darkness behind those eyes and he can play the bad guy well. Frank Castle is no angel and you need a lot of darkness to get him right. Schoenaerts is a promising actor who has yet to hit his peak and doing something like this could propel him into the mainstream.


C. Sean William Scott

This may seem an odd choice but bear with me. Scott has the frame, build and physicality to tackle the role and because of his filmography people will watch him in most roles. His credits lack the desired experience in drama or intensity but should he take it on it could be a career changer. Age is on his side should they have long plans character and it is the perfect opportunity to get away from being Steve Stifler in American Pie.


D. Bobby Cannavale

Need somebody with credits in playing a psychopath? Then consider Bobby Cannavale. He played gangster Gyp Rosetti in season 3 of Boardwalk Empire to critical acclaim, showing his ability to be a merciless killer and has also shown more of a sensitive side in films like ‘Annie‘. Again he has the physical presence and the screen presence to bring the character to life, the only stumbling block to his chances is that he is set to star in ‘Ant-Man’ this year. Providing his role isn’t too big then seeing him as Frank Castle would be a delight.



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