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Wolfcop Review

If you didn’t guess from the title, ‘Wolfcop‘ is a film about a cop who becomes a werewolf…Sure it sounds stupid but is it any more ridiculous than a kid who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and turning into you know who?

The film itself takes place in Woodhaven, a small town with many problems. One of them is the crime, which is not helped by the fact one of the three cops the town has is an alcoholic, who also just happens to be our lead. Lou Garou leads a simple life, he drinks all day, drinks all night and does very little crime fighting. One night he is called out to investigate a disturbance from local gun store owner Willie Higgins, who claims some kids are engaging in occult like behaviour. This begins a strange set of events whereby Lou stumbles upon an occult, ends up cursed and soon begins to turn into a werewolf. Not before long he embodies the title of the film by becoming wolfcop, a werewolf cop who fights crime.

As simple as the premise of a werewolf cop is, there is a little more going on behind the scenes that results in Lou becoming the aforementioned character. The story arc of the occult, their purpose and goals is something that is actually a nice quirky idea which makes this film about more than just some dude who stops crime as a werewolf. Granted it is still a little light but considering the tone of the film, it isn’t something they needed to do.

Obviously a film such as this is aiming for the moniker of so bad it’s good, and to a certain extent it achieves it’s goals, but there are some things that are just a touch bad. The comedy isn’t that funny, the acting is fairly novice and some of the one liners just fall a bit flat. The honesty of something being legitimately poor can be a better service to the film, but sometimes it’s just as good to do something professionally bad. Doing it professionally gives off the vibe of your doing it on purpose, so people are laughing with you instead of at you. The so bad it’s good line is a very, very fine one, pull off something poorly and it can have the opposite effect, but then again most people who option to watch these films rarely discriminate, like myself.

The gore on offer is certainly one of the films finer points. As with any werewolf film these days, the transformation scene is one of those you need to get right, thanks to John Landis & ‘An American Werewolf in London‘ it is very much a tradition. Thankfully very much in the same vein as some of the classic werewolf films, the transformation utilises prosthetics and does so very well. The scene itself starts with a pretty gruesome close-up of a body part transforming, never before seen in a werewolf film.

If your looking for a B-Movie Horror that has some good gore, silly story, with some very questionable acting then ‘Wolfcop‘ is the one for you. Whether it is destined to become a proper cult classic remains to be seen, but it is a nice little addition to the werewolf sub-genre.

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