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Top 5 – Samuel L. Jackson Roles

With ‘Big Game’ out in the UK this weekend it is time to have a look at celebrate the incredibly deep career of Samuel L. Jackson.

According to IMDB Mr. Jackson has 160 title credits to his name, obviously that includes TV shows, Voices acting etc but that is quite a steep number. Then again it should come as no surprise as he seems to turn up in pretty much everything. Throughout his storied career Jackson has only been nominated for an Oscar once (Pulp Fiction) as he likes to lean towards acting in films that he would enjoy himself, quite a commendable thing if we say so ourselves.

Within those 160 credits lie some fantastic performances that have endeared him to the public consciousness like few other actors. Now we sift through the plethora of roles to pick out our favourite 5 roles of Samuel L. Jackson’s career.

5. Mace Windu – Star Wars Episodes I – III

Maybe this is just the Star Wars fan in me coming out but I thought Jackson made a great, wise Jedi. We are used to seeing Jackson be quite expressive in his films but playing Mace Windu required a much calmer approach and he nailed it. When it came time to kick some ass he did that too, pummelling Darth Sidious before Anakin turned his back on him. Not to mention having a purple lightsaber made him infinitely cooler than the rest of the Jedi.

4. Danny Roman – The Negotiator

Great film, great cast, all round great entertaining film. Danny Roman has equal skills of smarts and action, a person who has been wronged by some shady people is someone you can usually get behind. Make that person Samuel L. Jackson and you have yourself a winner.

3. Carl Lee Hailey – A Time to Kill

Back before he unleashed ‘Batman & Robin‘ upon the world, Joel Schumacher used to make good films. This was one of them, and Sam Jackson earned a Golden Globe nomination for his work on the film. Jackson plays a man accused of killing two men who raped his ten year old daughter, a role that requires quite a bit of depth and talent to pull off and he certainly does.

2. Elijah Price – Unbreakable

This character easily goes down as one of my favourite film villains, and may even make an appearance on some sort of future top villain list. The character is just a supporting one but has quite a bit of presence in the film. Also known as Mr. Glass, he makes for such an interesting villain that uses so many other facets other than brute strength or psychotic violence. In an age where the Superhero Genre is dominating the film industry, this film and character remain as relevant than ever.

1. Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction

You knew this one was coming, quite possibly his most infamous film role and most likely to be when he ever decides to retire from acting. Jules Winnfield has all the characteristics of a bad ass mutherf***er and when played by Jackson he just exudes cool. The character might actually be one of the coolest mofos ever to grace the screen, could any other actor have done it as well as Jackson did? Not at all.


So do you agree? Disagree? Think we got it completely wrong? Let us know which roles would make your top 5!

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One thought on “Top 5 – Samuel L. Jackson Roles

  1. Some interesting choices in there. The Negotiator is a good call, I hated Unbreakable so that wouldn’t feature in mine, Mace Windu would miss out too.

    Here is my top 5:

    5. Ordell Robbie – Jackie Brown (1997)

    All bluster and grandstanding to hide what is nothing more than a common crook. So much attitude and he can even pull off that awful beard.

    4. Gator Purify – Jungle Fever (1991)

    A very early role in this Spike Lee film, playing the lead’s junkie brother. Early signs of the intensity and that likeablilty that can even make you root for the most despicable characters

    3. Carl Lee Hailey – A Time To Kill (1995)

    Brilliant portrayal of a desperate man who would do anything to avenge his child. Intense.

    2. Zeus Carver – Die Hard with a Vengeance (1994)

    Perfect foil for Bruce Willis. A really fun turn from Jackson here as the militant Carver forced to work with a white cop. Classic

    1. Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction (1993)

    Agree with Dan, this is his signature role. Ice cool, menacing and intelligent. Unforgettable.


    Posted by Dave McKee | May 10, 2015, 13:57

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