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All Killer No Filler Trailer Round-Up

It’s back! This is my second All Killer No Filler Trailer Round-Up (name still subject to change).

Last time, the first edition (which can be found here) featured some of the biggest films coming out over the next year. Mad Max: Fury Road (read my review here) definitely lived up to my expectations, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the films mentioned in there (but still a bit worried about Ant Man). This edition will focus on some brand new trailers, but also trailers for films coming out in the next few months.

Here we go…

Tomorrowland (release date 22nd May)

I’ve chosen a trailer that doesn’t give too much away about the plot, but cards on the table, I’m incredibly excited about this. The worse thing I can say about any of director Brad Bird’s movies is that Ratatouille probably isn’t anyone’s favourite Pixar film, but it’s still very good. And George Clooney is always engaging on screen. Maybe Monuments Men was a misstep and Batman & Robin was…well whatever it was, but Clooney doesn’t make too many bad films. Plus I would watch Hugh Laurie in ANYTHING. Hopefully this does well, and Brad Bird finally manages to get The Incredibles 2 made. We are ALL waiting for that.

San Andreas (release date 29th May)

I would never bet against Dwayne Johnson when it comes to the films he picks. He has had success after success recently, whether that is through good luck, attaching his names to the right films, or his natural charisma dragging people into the cinemas to watch his films. However, this seems like a box office bomb. Do people really want to see a film about a natural disaster? In a world (in a world…) of superheroes saving the day, who is going to go and watch a movie where millions of people die in a real life situation? Surely this sort of thing should be left to the SyFy channel? I hope I’m wrong, The Rock will always be The Greatest to me, but this looks like a mistake

Minions (release date 26th June)

The sidekicks from Despicable Me get their own spin-off movie, as the search for an evil leader to follow. We know they ended up with Gru, but in the 60’s they met up with Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). As long as this is a Minions film (as opposed to being a retread of Despicable Me with a different supervillian) it will definitely be fun, and will DEFINITELY do well (Despicable Me 2 nearly took $1 billion worldwide). Look out for Despicable Me 3 in 2017!

Pixels (release date 24th July)

The first trailer for Pixels set a record for the most views in 24 hours, so you have probably already seen this. I’m glad Adam Sandler and Kevin James will hopefully be stretched out of their usual comedy rut in this (can you be stretched out of a rut, that makes no sense! I’m mean stretched as actors, and therefore get out of their rut), Josh Gad (voice of Olaf in Frozen) is a rising star, and Peter Dinklage is GREAT, but I’ve got to worry if this will find a market though. Pushing the film from it’s original May release to July should help, but casting Adam Sandler in this film makes me think they are looking to bring his audience to the film rather than letting it stand on it’s own merits. It’s a cool idea though.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (release date 31st July)

Having mentioned Brad Bird earlier in the article, his Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol set a pretty high bar for the franchise to follow. Christopher McQuarrie takes over, and seems to be doing a SPECTRE story before the Bond makers get to it. I’m a big fan of spy/espionage films and although the M:I series sometimes veers a little too much into action for my tastes (they should do their jobs right occasionally and STOP the big explosions), I liked McQuarrie’s work on Jack Reacher, and enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow (which he co-wrote), so I’m looking forward to this.

And finally Steve Jobs (release date 9th October)

A “first look” teaser that was only released this week, I thought it was worth including, as it gives us our first look at Michael Fassbender as the founder of Apple and inventor of the iPod/iPhone/iPad/iEverything Steve Jobs. With a script by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, the signs look good. Is ridiculously early to start this type of gossip, but Oscar nomination for Fassbender? Maybe. (Did I just start an Oscar rumour based on a 45 second clip? I feel like a real writer now!)

And… that’s it. See you next time for another All Killer No Filler Trailer Round-Up!

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