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R.I.P Uggie: 5 Great Dogs on film

Sad news today that Uggie, the Jack Russell from Academy Awarding film The Artist (Michael Hazanavicius, 2011) has passed away at the tender age of 13.

To pay respects to the great pooch, who was the proud winner of the Palm Dog award at Cannes (seriously) and has his paw print on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I have picked out 5 great dogs in the movies…


  1. Einstein from Back To The Future (Robert Zemeckis 1985-1990)

EinsteinMallAppearing in all 3 BTTF films, Einstein is the worlds first time traveller.

He is Doc Brown’s dog in the 1985 time line and it is Einstein who takes the first trip in the Deloren, not to mention his timely warning about the arrival of the Lybians.

2 Points for anyone who can name Doc Brown’s dog in the 1955 time line?





2. Baxter from Anchorman (Adam McKay, 2004)

baxterBest friend and confidant of Ron Burgandy and provides not only the one big crowd pleasing laugh out loud moment in Anchorman, but the fact that he pooped in the refrigerator and ate an entire wheel of cheese is impressive in itself.

Don’t forget…Baxter will always be a friend to the bears.




3. Sam from I Am Legend (Frances Lawrence, 2007)

sam2Robert Neville is the last man on Earth, and Sam is his loyal companion.  The very definition of man’s best friend.  Sam is loyal and protective and actually brings a lot to the film as a character in her own right.

There must have some high levels of pollen or something in the cinema when I watched this as Sam’s fate caused my eyes to leak a little.  Anyone who knows me and thoughts on dogs will find this strange and testament to a towering canine performance.






4. Nanook from The Lost Boys (Joel Schumacher, 1987)

download (1)Sam’s loyal dog who not only protects him from his half vampire brother, but turns out to be a top-notch vampire slayer in his own right.

Nanook diving on a hapless vamp and knocking him into a bath tub of holy water is a highlight of The Lost Boys for me, not to mention Sam’s “what did you do to my dog you asshole” line.



5. Anwar Sadat, I Love You, Man (John Hamburg, 2009)

puggleThis amazing look creature is the loyal companion of Jason Segal’s Sydney.  So named because of his likeness to former Egyptian President.

The likeness is actually uncanny and Sydney’s refusal to pick up after this wonderfully named dog provides a few of the funnier moments in this great film.



So there we have it, short and sweet and hopefully a bit of fun, as well as a tribute to the great Uggie.  Bow Wow, my friend.  Bow Wow

Thanks for reading x

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