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House Movies: The McKee’s house move put to film

Anyone who knows me will know that over the last 6 months or so we have been in the process of buying our first home.  It has been quite a saga that has involved everything from temporary lets to lost documents and everything in between.  We are now, thankfully, settled in and happy.

However, as many people who have moved house will testify, it takes a few days for your TV service to be activated, 4 in our case.  So, once the little one was tucked away for the night, we turned to our ample DVD/Blu Ray collection for the evening’s entertainment.  Here is what we watched…


Night 1: Tuesday, 28th July, 2015

After a very busy day of moving boxes and building furniture, we put the little one to bed and made a space for us to sit, got a take away and assessed the devastation.  Quickly setting up the TV, we noticed that a box of DVDs hadn’t quite made it upstairs yet.  DVDs, a-m.  Regardless of what was in that box, our choice was coming from there.  In the end Kelly chose…


dodgeballDodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Rawson Marshall Thurber, 2004)

We have been recently watching the new series of True Detective (HBO, 2014-), and while the series has been mainly underwhelming, the performances have been great.  None more so than Vince Vaughan.

This was the perfect choice.  Light, funny and totally re-watchable.

Vince Vaughan is the straight man here, playing the owner of a run down gym full of misfits, who take up dodgeball in order to save their gym.  The cast is great here, with some wonderful turns from Alan Tudyk, Steven Root and Justin Long, but the show is stolen by Ben Stiller as the odious White Goodman, owner and operator of Globo Gym, the films antagonist.

The film is now 11 years old, but has aged very well, with the jokes still landing.  The film never took itself seriously and that has helped with its longevity.  The American Dodgeball Association of America and the 5 D’s of Dodgeball; Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge, never get old.

Jason Bateman pops up as the colour commentator and scores a few big laughs (“Pepper needs new shorts!”)  and Rip Torn as the aged foul-mouthed Patches O’Houlihan is fantastic.  The only sour point comes from the appearance of Lance Armstrong, but hey, there is a Chuck Norris cameo too, so it’s not all bad.


Night 2: Wednesday 29th July, 2015

Another day of lifting,carrying and cleaning.  Making the sure the rented place was ship-shape and in good enough nick to get the deposit back, not to mention the inevitable trip to Ikea.  The long and short it was that by the time we had settled for the night, the DVD, a-m box was still where we left it.  This time, it was my choice and this is a film I return to again and again…


59326American Pie 2 (J.B. Rogers, 2001)

This is my favourite film of the series, we meet back up with the lads as they finish their first year at college.  All reunited in their home town, they find themselves at a loose end and following advice from his older brother, Kevin books a house by Lake Michigan, so with Stifler in tow, the boys set off for a summer they will never forget.

All the cast from the first film are back, with Stifler’s role increased.  I have a real affection for these characters and this film seems like such a natural progression from them.  I am not going to go into too much detail as I think I will do a franchise in focus piece at a later date.

Jim (Jason Biggs), once again in the nominal lead, with the rest of the lads providing ample support.  With Stifler’s role increased, unfortunately Oz suffers a little as his role seems a bit under used, which is inevitable in such a large ensemble.

Jim gluing himself to…himself and the lads infiltrating a lesbian strong hold are the highlights, but what does it for me in all of these films is the camaraderie of the 4 leads.

The scene at the end when Kevin reveals how scared he was to take the next step in his life resonated with me, as I have started over a few times down the years.  The thing I love about this film is that you get the feeling that no matter what the lads did or where they went, they would always have each other to fall back on.  That is something that I can certainly relate to, as no matter where I have lived on this Sceptred Isle, when ever I return home, the knuckleheads I call friends are always there and before the first sip of the first pint has been swallowed, its like I have never been away.

As I mentioned before, it is a large cast, so nailing the relationship of the 4 leads was important, they did it brilliantly.  It is also very, very funny.


Night 3: Thursday 30th July, 2015

I had to go back to work on this day as my good friend and Odeon Brother Ross Jobson was leaving us and I didn’t want to miss his last day, so Kelly had been making great strides in getting the house more habitable as well as spending some time with our daughter who had been shipped off to her Grandma’s for the last 2 days.  This of course meant that the a-m box was still in the lounge…


a-few-good-menA Few Good Men (Rob Reiner, 1992)

This is one of my all time favourite films.  Written by the genius that is Aaron Sorkin, based on his play, it is the story of two teenage marines who are accused of murder at a US Marine base.  Following their claim that they are just following orders, hotshot lawyer Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) is assigned to defend them.  During his investigation, he comes head to head with battle hardened Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicolson).

A brilliant script, some tight direction and some truly memorable performances make this a classic in this writers opinion.

Cruise brings a real charm to the cocksure Kaffee, and Jack Nicolson brings a real sense of authority and menace to Jessup.  There are also great turns from Kiefer Sutherland as hard-line Lieutenant and Kevin Bacon is brilliant as ever as Kaffee’s friend and rival lawyer.

I was 16 when I first saw this film in the cinema and once the credits rolled I knew that film would become a big part of my life.  It was the first film that I ever truly loved and has been in my top 3 ever since.  I bought it on VHS as soon as it came out and watched it so much that I wore the tape out.  This, along with Ghostbusters, is one of the two films that I can pretty much recite line for line.

The closing scene where Kaffee questions Jessup on the stand is truly memorable.


Night 4: Friday 31st July, 2015

The TV was actually set up and the living room was actually looking like a living room.  We decided to stick with a film rather that TV, and decided to widen our search to our whole collection.  Deciding on a blu ray and after about 25 minutes (a record for us) we went for a film I picked up in a 5 for £30 a while back.


crimsontideCrimson Tide (Tony Scott, 1995)

Now, I had very found memories of this film.  I remember a tense, taut thriller.  I hadn’t seen it since the 90s though, so I was a tad apprehensive as Kelly agreed to my recommendation. I hoped it would hold up.

I needn’t have worried.  The politics maybe a little out of date, but the tension is still ratcheted right up.  Thanks in no small part to the performances of Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington as well as direction of a sadly missed action great Tony Scott.

A brilliant supporting cast which includes Viggo Mortensen, Rocky Carroll and James Gandolfini.  No matter what the subject matter it is always great to watch 2 brilliant actors playing off each other and Washington and Hackman are a delight to watch.  Hackman as the stuck in his ways General and Washington as the idealistic XO.  A great watch


I am happy to report that the TV and internet are working and the house is everything we had hoped it would be.

The DVD/Blu Rays on the other hand, well, they remain in boxes in the loft room awaiting the day where I can lovingly place them in alphabetical order…

Thanks for reading x


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