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Gods of Egypt Trailer – It’s King Leonidas Vs Jaime Lannister!

King Leonidas and Jaime Lannister duke it out in the trailer for this sword and sandal CGI extravaganza.


Gods of Egypt takes place in, as you guessed, ancient Egypt when Gods ruled the lands. Set (Gerard Butler), the God of the Desert, War and Chaos (Fun chap isn’t he?)  has taken over the leadership of the Egyptian empire and rules it with his merciless fist. Beck (Brenton Thwaites) is a young mortal thief whose love has been taken prisoner by Set, and in order to free her, he seeks the help of the God Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who has his own motives for bringing down Set. Beck and Horus must run a gauntlet of Gods through Heaven and Earth to free Egypt from the tyrannical reign of Set and his followers.

It has been a good 6 years since we last saw Alex Proyas bring anything to the big screen. The director last brought us the doomsday film Knowing starring Nicolas Cage, which to be fair wasn’t that good. However when they have I, Robot and Dark City on their CV then there will always be promise for what he can achieve. The trailer is big, bright and has CGI coming out of it’s eyeballs (Likely the real reason Horus lost his vision) but it does look like it could be a whole bunch of senseless fun.

It’s good to see that Hollywood hasn’t given up just yet on the swords and sandal genre, and for all of the issues that the remake of Clash of the Titans and its sequel Wrath of the Titans had, they still consisted of some canny action. So check your brain at the door, and indulge yourself in the trailer below.





What do you think? We’ve seen worse. However there is no sign of the awesome Geoffrey Rush or Rufus Sewell! Next time we’d like to see a bit of the rush!

Really enjoy the trailer? Then check out some of the character posters that have been released below.

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