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Kung Fury Review

It takes a cop from the future to fight an enemy from the past

Inspired by my successful foray into the zany world of brilliant Australian comedy Danger 5 (Check out our reviews of Season 1 & Season 2) I decided to give a little something called Kung Fury a whirl whilst browsing Netflix recently. What tempted me to watch it? Well it might have had something to do with the unusual ensemble of characters that appear whilst hovering over the title. For those that don’t know Kung Fury is a crowd funded film from the website Kickstarter. David Sandberg, the director and lead actor, shot a trailer for the idea and got it on the site. The project hit its first milestone of getting enough funding to crate a 30 minute short, but unfortunately fell short of its end goal to create a full length film. The end result is a short action comedy film that features Thor, sentient arcade machines, some utterly ridiculous stunts and Adolf Hitler. The short was so successful it was put on streaming services such as Netflix.

So Kung Fury follows the tale of a husky voiced police officer called…Kung Fury. One fateful night his partner is killed in the line of duty by a powerful ninja, whilst Fury is struck by lightening and bitten by a cobra. This insane combination gives Kung Fury the skills he requires to take down the ninja and save the day. Years later, after battling a sentient arcade machine that is wreaking havoc in downtown Miami-Dade, Kung Fury is assigned a new partner called Tricerocop, a cop whith the head of a triceratops. Fury quits the force in protest, but not long after Adolf Hitler (The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone) enters his time zone and massacres the police department. Hell bent on revenge, Kung Fury goes back in time to take on Hitler and try to set the record straight before

Lets be honest, if you didn’t stop reading that synopsis by the time I mentioned lightening and cobra bites and watched Kung Fury then it may not be for you. From the absolute start to nutty finish Kung Fury is a wild, blood soaked, synthesiser laden trip (applicable in both the journey sense, and drug effect) through 80s culture. Is it the greatest short film to have ever been produced? Quite possibly. Its wonderful style, that utilises VHS tracking effects, and copious visual effects gives the audience something to feast their eyes on making it not just a film that is fun to watch, but also fun to look at. There is a slight jar in the insane pace when Fury travels too far back in time, but to be honest though, it’s all part of the fun and if that is what it takes to get a giant Thor in the film, then I’m game. Some of the visual queues have been used in Danger 5 before (shooting a gun down a phone) but that in itself is likely just a loving nod to a similarly crazy comedy.

With stuff like Kung Fury and Danger 5 around now, there is a new type of comedy on the horizon when it comes to paying homage, ridiculing and riffing on decades past. If you believe the internet, due to the success of the short Hollywood has typically approached David Sandberg to bring a feature length film version to the big screen. If you like your nonsensical humour with neon lights, Adolf Hitler, and kung fu? Then this film could be one of the greatest things you ever give to your eyeballs!

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