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Rodriguez and Malkovich make a film to be released in ONE HUNDRED YEARS!

Elaborate marketing stunt?

Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich have teamed up to make a film. Sounds cool right? Rodriguez is directing and Malkovich has written the script as well. There’s just one issue – it won’t be released until November 18th 2115!

The film has been produced by Cognac company Louis XIII (which is aged for 100 years), who are giving away 1,000 metal tickets to see the film.

Here’s 3 teaser trailers, which apparently have nothing to do with the film but are 3 different versions of what the future could be like.

The Snooty Ushers’ great-great grandchildren aim to have a review up in November 2115.

About Snooty Usher James

Favourite Film: This Is Spinal Tap (1984) Least Favourite Film: Probably the American version of One Missed Call (2008) Guilty Pleasure: No Holds Barred (1989) I'm the exile of the group, after living in the South for a couple of years I've now moved to Edinburgh to start the next chapter. I've got a wide ranging love of film and TV, but I am definitely the fourth usher in terms of film knowledge. I do however have a stack of DVDs to work through, and both a Netflix and an Amazon Prime subscription with which to get involved. So, even if my job means I don't get to see as many of the new releases as I would like, I hope to be able to chip in with some reviews of my own. My other hobbies include playing the guitar, trying to play the ukulele, Football Manager and Radio 4. I'm also a big fan of wrestling. Part of that means that I have a bunch of ideas for columns that I have stolen from various parts of IWC, so look out for them. But hey, enough of my yacking. What do you say.....let's boogie.


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