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Negotiating Netflix – The Christmas Edition!

On the 6th Day of Christmas The Snooty Ushers bring to you…

Christmas Negotiating Netflix


The Ushers’ Favourite Santas

Community Christmas Specials

Scariest’s Christmas Horrors

and Dan’s Home Alone Review!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Here are some of the best Christmas Netflix offerings.

It’s Christmas time, and I’ve scoured all of Netflix to bring you a selection of festive treats. Since it’s Christmas, I’ve changed up the structure a bit. I hope you enjoy it!

The Classics – the ones that need no explanation (but I’ve given them a little one anyway!)

It’s A Wonderful Life (Frank Capra, 1946) – An absolute classic, as James Stewart plays a man on the verge of suicide who is shown his vital importance to those around him.

Scrooged (Richard Donner, 1988) – Bill Murray plays a cut throat TV executive who is visited by three ghostly visions in this updated spin on the classic Dickens tale.

The Santa Clause (John Pasquin, 1994) – Tim Allen plays a marketing executive who as to replace Father Christmas after an accident

Home Alone (Chris Columbus, 1990) – Classic family comedy – without the family. Check out Macaulay Culkin’s recent video back in character as Kevin McCallister explaining how his life went wrong!

The Christmas Specials – I pick out some of the best Christmas Special episodes

BoJack Horseman Christmas Special – A lonely Christmas Day sees BoJack and Todd watching an old Christmas episode of Bojack’s hit show Horsin’ Around – a sitcom about a horse who adopts three children and tries to juggle family life with his career. The episode is a brillinat pastiche of early 90s sitcoms, with terrible catchphrases and puns (with BoJack throwing in the occasional “Wait, what?” when the jokes really don’t make sense at all!) There’s the traditonal real meaning of Christmas denouement, with an added “Why does Santa let terrible things happen?” explanation. BoJack Horseman is an underrated gem on Netflix, check it out!

Black Adder’s A Christmas Carol – A seemingly almost forgotten Blackadder special, as Ebeneezer Blackadder is turned from kind, beloved, and sensitive pillar of the community to shunned, hated outcast more befitting of his family name. It was produced between Balckadder The Third and Blackadder Goes , and has Miriam Margolyes and Jim Broadbent as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, aling with the ususal suspects.

Knowing Me Knowing Yule – Alan Partridge hosts a yuletide special in his home (sorry, mock-up of his home) that goes terribly wrong at every turn. Zola Budd should be happy her segment was cut for time! Classic 90s British comedy

The Royle Family Christmas Specials – By the time The Royle Family finished it’s run, it has becoming traditional warm and fuzzy, when at one time it had been original, cutting, and slightly mean. However, that makes it perfect for Christmas Specials. Have a cathc up with Jim, Barbara, and the gang: it really is like meeting old family friends for Christmas.

The Best Christmas Episodes – I pick out some of the best Christmas episodes (it IS different from the previous section, honest!)

Community (Season 1, Episode 11; Season 2, Episode 10; Season 3, Episode 9) – Check out my article on the Community Christmas specials here, they really are some of the best Christmas episodes in any program (comedy or not) dealing with the personal traditions that make Christmas important to all of us. Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas is a spectacular highlight of the series, as Abed has a breakdown and the world of Greendale becomes stopmotion animated. Just brilliant.

Arrested Development (Season 1, Episode 7; Season 2, Episode 6) – It would be impossible to just jump in to Arrested Development for the Christmas episodes, but if you are familiar with the Bluths, remember just how great  the “Afternoon Delight” episode is (Gob really does love his suits)? And the Christmas pageant in “In God We Trust”, where George Michael spends the week wearing an obviously fake muscle suit?

The Office (Season 2, Episodes 7 & 8) – Again, it would be pretty ridiculous to jump into The Office right at the end, but these two episodes both serve as a fitting conclusion and absolutely nail the typically British Christmas work-party vibe. There are some very good Christmas party episodes the American version of The Office that are worth checking out.

Something For The Kids

Shrek The Halls – Shrek tries to put together his first family Christmas, but gets upset when Donkey, Puu In Boots, and the rest of the gang want to get involved, and ends up ruining the whole thing. Can he learn his lesson and make a perfect first Christmas?

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas – Three stories (narrated by Kelsey Grammer) from Disney’s most belvoed characters. Firstly Donald Duck’s nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie make a wish that every day could be Christmas, and (like Phill Connors) come to realise that it’s not as much fun as it sounds. Can they break the spell by providing the perfect Christmas for their long-suffering uncle? Then Goofy tries to prove to his son that Father Christmas is real, despite hhis son being too old for such childish things. Finally. Mickey and Minnie are struggling to buy presents for one another, and end up selling their own most valued possession to make the other happy. A heartwarming family treat for those with younger kids (and I’ll admit, I found Goofy funny than a man of my age should!)

(The next four are part of DreamWorks Holiday Classics)

Kung Fu Panda Holiday – Po is asked as Dragon Warrior to host a feast  at the Jade Palace, which requires perfection in all its rituals. Can Po do it? And will his father have to celebrate without him?

Merry Madagascar – King Julien is attacked by a red night goblin, who once a year pelts the island with coal. Alex and the gang manage to take the goblin down, only to discover the “attacker” isthe one and only Santa Claus. He’s incapacitated for the night, so the animals from New York Zoo have to deliver all of the presents with the penguins replacing the reindeer. Good fun.

Donkey’s Christmas Caroling Christmas-tacular – A quick trip to the swamp as Donkey is puuting on a Christmas sing-a-long, in typical Shrek style.

The Madagascar Penguins in A Christmas Caper – Before they ended up in Madagascar, the penguins were celebrating Christmas when Private (the youngest) went AWOL to find a present for a polar bear. The rest of the squadron scramble across New York to rescue him . An old fashioned caper that feels like one of those Warner Brother’s golden age Merrie Melodies cartoons with Daffy Duck.

And that’s nearly it for this special edition! I hope there was something in there to bring holiday cheer to you and yours. One final mention – Crackling Yule Log Fireplace (from the Fireplace For Your Home series) is 1 hour of Christmas music playing over footage of logs burning on a fireplace.If that’s what you want, stick it on in the background. Worth the subscription fee alone! That’s as much of a review as I can give it!


I feel it is my duty as a reviewer to say that Santa DOES NOT make an appearance!

And on that note, see you next time.

Happy Christmas! We’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas article!

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