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The Snooty Ushers Christmas

The Ushers Guide to Christmas Telly

On The 8th Day of Christmas The Snooty Ushers bring to you…The Ushers Guide to Christmas Telly

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After the excess of the Christmas Turkey, is there anything better than sitting down and watching something truly great on the Telly?  If you are anything like The Snooty Ushers, then the effort of scrolling through the TV guide proves too much, so save yourself the trouble.  Have a look at our festive telly guide.

We’re Doomed!: The Dad’s Army Story, December 22nd, BBC 2, 9:00pm

With this classic comedy series being transferred to the big screen in the new year, we have a one-off drama in the same vein as An Adventure in Space and Time.  This tells the story of how the writers struggled to get the show off the ground.  I am hoping for a nostalgic treat!

Professor Branestawm Returns, BBC1 Christmas Eve, 5:20pm

Harry Hill is back as the eccentric inventor, based on Norman Hunter’s series of books. Last year’s Christmas special is available on iPlayer as well. A silly treat for all the family, and Hill is very good in what is basically his first actual acting role.

Stick Man, Christmas Day, BBC 1, 4:15pm

Based on the wonderful book by children’s author Julia Donaldson, this tells the tale of a Stick Man blown away from his home and his struggle to get back in time for Christmas.  Narrated by Jennifer Saunders and with the voices of Martin Freeman and Hugh Bonneville.  This will be a firm favourite in The McKee house

Dickensian, Boxing Day, BBC1, 7:00pm

This 20 part series which will air between Boxing Day and New Years Day has taken the bold step of creating a world where all of Charles Dickens’ characters exist in the same place.  Imagine a world where Mr Scrooge can interact with Miss Havisham.  This murder mystery centres around Inspector Bucket (Bleak House) investigating the murder of Jacob Marley… in a season that includes new episodes of Doctor Who and Sherlock, it is no small thing that this is what Dave is looking forward to most over the festive period.

And Then There Were None, Boxing Day, BBC1, 9:00pm

Based on the classic murder mystery novel by Agatha Christie, the beeb look to be winning Christmas this year as they bring us an all-star cast in this 3 part story.  Charles Dance and Poldark’s Adian Turner lead what promises to be thrilling tale.  10 strangers are invited by a mysterious host to a remote island, secrets and betrayals abound as they begin to be murdered one by one…

Fungus The Bogeyman, 27th December, Sky 1, 6:00pm

Another adaptation of a children’s book, this time by Raymond Briggs.  An all-star voice cast brings Fungus to life, Sky 1’s adaptations can be hit or miss, but this looks like a festive fun family fairytale!

Billionaire Boy, New Year’s Day, BBC 1, 7:00pm

This is the latest adaptation of a David Walliams book.  These are fast becoming a staple of the festive season viewing.  The other 3 adaptation have been a treat, so hoping for more of the same here.  John Thompson, Warwick Davies and Catherine Tate star

The Specials…

Doctor Who, Christmas Day, BBC1, 5:15pm

After a pretty hardcore 9th season, The Doctor returns to a more family friendly time slot as he is reunited with River Song.  Greg Davies from The Inbetweeners will no doubt provide some comic relief.

Downton Abbey, Christmas Day, ITV, 8:45pm

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in our eye that The Snooty Ushers bid farewell to life at Downton Abbey.  This brilliant series comes to an end on Christmas Night and Dan, more that any of us is praying for a happy ending for Edith…

Sherlock, New Years Day, BBC 1, 9:00pm

One off special of this brilliant adaptation of the classic sleuth.  The modern take has been a revelation and given 3 brilliant series of classic episodes.  This year though, we are back in Victorian London as Sherlock and Watson go up against The Abominable Bride.

The Laughs…

Detectorists, BBC4, Wednesday 23rd, 10:00pm

Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones star in this brilliant “sitcom” (it’s so low key it reminds us of the BBC3 sitcom The Smoking Room) as two metal detectorists. Written by Crook, there have been 2 fantastic seasons already on BBC4 (James is a fan and will be doing a review in the New Year) and this festive special shows the boys having had a huge find, but not able to detect anything since. Is it really The Curse Of The Gold? (if you’ve got time, 

Would I Lie To You? BBC1, Christmas Eve, 8:00pm

Team Captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined by Bill Bailey, Ruth Jones, Jo Brand and Kelly Holmes, with Rob Brydon doing the hosting duties. Always a funny half hour.

Not Going Out, BBC1, Christmas Eve, 10:45pm

Lee Mack’s sitcom returns a year after the finale (where Lee and Lucy (Sally Bretton) finally got married) with an episode set in a department store when Lee, an overdue pregnant Lucy, Daisy (Katy Wix) and Frank (Bobby Ball) get caught up in a robbery.

QI, BBC2, Christmas Day, 9:50pm

Stephen Fry is leaving at the end of this current series of QI, so this could be his last Christmas episode – although I’d be shocked if he doesn’t turn up as a contestant and wins by a million points. As ever, Alan Davies will be at his side, with Bill Bailey (he’s a busy fella!), Johnny Vegas, and Jenny Eclair providing the quite interesting banter.

We hope there’s something you like in there.

See you tomorrow got another in our 12 Days of Christmas!

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Favourite Film : Ghostbusters (1984) Worst Film: Left Behind (2014) Guilty Pleasure: Pitch Perfect (2012) 40 year old family man from Hamilton, Scotland. I have settled in Gateshead with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Worked as a Cinema Manager (or glorified usher) for 14 years, now I run a chicken shop. Love Sport especially Football and Tennis. Love comic books, especially DC and particularly Superman. I own 58 Nicolas Cage films.



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