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Worst Trailers of 2015

Highs and lows, peaks and troughs, they are to be expected in many walks of life and in film it is no different. Trailers are often overlooked as a quintessential piece of marketing that need just as much love and attention as the finished product they are promoting. Every year we get some ace trailers that can make a big film even bigger, but then there are those lazy ones that do everything a trailer shouldn’t, spoil the plot, give too much away, make a comedy look humourless etc etc. So looking back at some of the trailers released this year, here are some that we consider the worst…

5. The Transporter Refuelled (Dir. Camille Delamarre)

This is the official trailer on the EuropaCorp channel on youtube, the production company of the film. If you wanted a detailed summary of what happens in the film from point A to point B then you can do no better than this, sure many a trailer is guilty of doing the same thing but come on, for a Transporter film? We already know what we are getting ourselves in for so why visually show us it in seemingly chronological order? Not only does it spell out the story of an already paper thin narrative it displays every quality of a straight to DVD film. I really wish Ray Stevenson didn’t sign up for this, his talents are wasted on such drivel. Also You get bonus points for noticing the exact same shot used at 2 different points in the trailer, probably because they gave us the rest of the action already. For a franchise that they are trying to reboot, they did a poor job in making it look in anyway interesting.


4. Barely Lethal (Dir. Kyle Newman)

So I’m clearly not the target audience for this type of film, but what is this sh*t?


3. Gods of Egypt (Dir. Alex Proyas)

The guilty pleasure lover in me is quite looking forward to this one but it is still hard to look past the obvious issues with in the trailer. Cries of white washing have echoed through the halls of the internet with the casting choices for Egyptian character and Gods ever since the trailer was released, but really is that the worst thing on offer here? We have CGI that will be outdated by the time the film comes out, and dodgy acting that looks like it could set a few promising careers back, and bury some others. I love a good sword and sandal flick but this looks like it could be one of the first flops of 2016.


2. Unfriended (Dir. Levan Gabriadze)

In one fell swoop we get a trailer and a film that firmly takes the art out of film making. Digital cinema is one thing, but watching a bunch of talking heads on a laptop screen…are you serious? Not only does this trailer display some truly horrific acting but it appears to be nothing more than a terrible re-run/reboot of horrors akin to I Know What You Did Last Summer. It has a promising concept in utilising the darker modern trends of social media, then it immediately tosses it away when the line “Maybe it’s Laura” poisons the screen with gut churning dialogue. This whole film makes me angry, and the trailer is just the terrible beginning.


1.Terminator Genisys Teaser Trailer & Trailer 2 (Dir. Alan Taylor)

I don’t think I’ve seen a more inept, spoiler laden and truly appalling marketing campaign then that for Terminator Genisys. Not once but twice they released trailers that mind bogglingly gave away so so so so so so so so so much that it took away any surprise or imagination from the film itself. The director of the film, Alan Taylor, has already expressed his baffled thoughts on the use of John Connor in trailer 2, and so has everybody else who set their sights upon such a stupidly revealing trailer. Maybe they knew what they had on their hands was not a great film, but you still don’t market it by depicting huge plot points.

As a Terminator series fan (I can live with T3 and Salvation ain’t as bad as you think it is) I held out hope for the film. Even though the teaser trailer attempts to redefine the use of the word teaser, I still found solace in explaining away such revealing details of the film. I tried to explain that it’s similar to the parallel universe in the reboot of Star Trek, they are resetting the timeline to start anew…then trailer 2 dropped. What the actual f*** were they thinking? Who sat in a room and thought that was a good idea? And which buffoon let it get to screen? This is not a series of unfortunate events, it’s a train wreck of a campaign littered with stupendous mistake after ridiculous decision. Though I would love to have been a fly on the wall when these trailers were cut, there is only one lesson to be learned from these pitiful trailers, and that is how not to make a trailer.

The ‘teaser trailer’

Trailer 2…


So there you have it, 5 of the worst trailers we watched this year, how many do you agree with and have you seen any worse? Let us know!


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