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10 Cloverfield Lane


So what do we think? Cloverfield sequel? Sidequel? Or just a huge budget increase for the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Here’s the trailer:

From the trailer alone, it looks like the type of film I would love. A definite Twilight Zone feel, John Goodman (he was fantastic in Red State), JJ Abrams as a producer, all good stuff. Add in the fact that it is getting an IMAX release means that whatever is the other side of that door is worth seeing.

But… I can’t be the only one feeling a bit uneasy. Unless the reveal is that the bunker is actually in Spain, the film was shot under a codename Valencia – so the unveiling of the name 10 Cloverfield Lane probably isn’t just a cynical marketing ploy. But what does Abrams mean when he says this is a “blood relative” of Cloverfield? This is the same man who told us straight up that *SPOILERS* Benedict Cumberbact wasn’t playing Khan *SPOILERS*, when he was. He’s apologised for it now, but he’s not afraid of a little white lie every now and then for the storytelling process. Also, the poster has the tagine “Monsters come in many forms” which would suggest our huge friend from Cloverfield won’t be making an appearance, and if it’s referring to one of those symbiotic parasites then the tagline is a bit on the nose.

Plus, the ever-reliable Wikipedia lists the budget at just $5 million…

But Gareth Edwards made Monsters for much less than that…

But you got this excited for Super 8, and your high expectations nearly overshadowed a really good sci-fi film…

But that big shiny IMAX screen…

Still, I’m looking forward to finding out. I guess we’ll get our answers in March (or at least until the next trailer comes along and ruins everything), but until then, let the speculation continue!

Now let’s have a look at that trailer just one more time…

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