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Deadpool Review

The Merc with a Mouth has finally, finally made his way to the big screen, leaving a trail of pessimism and doubt behind him at the studios of 20th Century Fox.

Ryan Reynold’s stars for a second time as the character he was born to play in Wade Wilson, leaving behind the atrocious use of the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wilson is a mercenary for hire whom after finding Vanessa, the love of his life, is diagnosed with highly developed cancer. Not long after the diagnosis Wilson approached by a mysterious man who promises he can be cured and they can turn him into a superhero. The experiment does not go quite as planned for Wilson, despite developing regenerative health he is tortured for weeks and left severely disfigured “like Freddy Kruger face f***ed a topographical map of Utah” kind of disfigured. Leaving him to take on the mantle Deadpool and hunt down the man responsible for making him a monster.

Collectively the world has agreed Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool, but you don’t realise just how perfect he is until you watch the film. Embracing an inner sociopath, Reynolds manifests the personalities of both Wilson and Deadpool brilliantly with his quick witted and fast talking nature. It truly is a joy to watch this beloved character properly represented on screen. However we all knew that the character could work on screen, but the bigger question has been how do you make a full film work sensibly with fourth wall breakage and gratuitous violence? The answer is you don’t.

That is to say you don’t do it sensibly, tonally Deadpool and his escapades are quite varied to say the least and you can’t pull that off on the straight and narrow. To nail the character, the humour and to make it feel like a Deadpool story, you need to have him spouting euphemisms whilst decapitating folk. Such as what happens in one of the trailers, as he sniffs the barrels of his pistols after a gun battle declaring “I’m touching myself tonight”. Deadpool is an unconventional character, and you need an unconventional film to do it justice. Expect humour, death, love, and action to take turns following one another in one hell of a cocktail of a film.

From start to finish I had a Joker sized grin locked into my face, the film excels in it’s action sequences and when Wilson dons the Deadpool costume delivering trademark fourth wall breaking comments. Even the downtime in between Deadpool slaying bad guys is also be surprisingly touching. The only thing that holds the film back is it’s also an origin story. Though it certainly plays it better than the slew of other superhero origin films we’ve had the past few years I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Deadpool yet. Without the shackles of an origin to explore next time round, we should get an even funnier, bloodier, and better Deadpool film. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, this is theĀ Deadpool we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s pretty damn great.

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