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Deadpool 2 Fan Cast – Who could play Cable?

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet stop reading our blog and go see it! (Or read our review) If you have seen it, we hope you stayed for the wonderfully fitting post credit scene that was pure Deadpool. In the fourth wall breaking scene reference was made to a Deadpool 2, and that Cable would be a featured character, which would be awesome. But who would you cast as the time travelling brute force known as Cable? Well two of us Snooty Ushers have put our minds together and collated a list of suggestions for who could play the fan favourite character.

Dan’s Top 3

 3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

He’s about to tear up the landscape on The Walking Dead soon as the villainous Negan but Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a versatility to his acting that suits a semi-serious version of Cable to a tee. Morgan is no stranger to comic adaptations having starred in The Watchmen, The Losers, Jonah Hex, and scheduled to be in Batman Vs Superman, so there is plenty of material for the merc with the mouth to utilise in riffing off Morgan playing the character. With a long TV career, and playing a variety of evil and good characters I fully believe Morgan would make a solid choice for the role of Cable. He is no stranger to action, and at 6ft he has the size to be an intimidating character.


2. Terry Crews

So Deadpool contained a lot of juvenile humour that was nothing but funny, and if you want a Cable character to go toe to toe in the arena of comedy with Wade Wilson than Terry Crews is a great choice for the role. Crews has extensive experience in comedy and would fit right into this universe. The role of Cable could very much mirror his appearances in The Expendables trilogy as Hale Caesar which combine action and light humour very well. It helps that Crews is a hulking mass of man, making him the right person for bringing physicality to the role. Everybody may hate Chris, but everybody loves Terry.


1. Hugh Jackman

If you want meta, fourth wall breaking hilarity then this has to be the choice, and tell me it wouldn’t be fun? Just think about it… Jackman can nail humour, is an action stalwart, has the build for the character, and the possibility for humour about him playing Wolverine are endless. It’s been well documented Jackman will be hanging up the claws in the near future, which if anything frees him up to take on other roles and I’m sure any fan will be happy to keep the actor in the universe in a different form. I really want this to happen, and I sincerely hope it is something they could work out.


Welshy’s Top 3

3. Dolph Lundren

This man is a mountain of a man, aesthetically he is very grizzled and hard faced. Not only does he match Cable physically, he is also very good in action roles. His best turn being the Expendables 1/2, which combined action and comedy. I imagine him playing the role so straight against Reynolds’ Deadpool it would just be hilarious. I also think you could play on the fact he was The Punisher in 1989, a well of great meta text there.



2.  Ron Perlman

I think this man is such an underrated actor. He has both presence and style whether comedy or drama. He is versatile boasting an impressive resume Including; Alien Resurecction, City of Lost Children (where he learned his whole script Phonetically), Sons of anarchy and Hellboy. He has also done a wide array of voice acting, including Tangled, Teen Titans, Batman, Superman and the DC U animated movies. Ron is funny, cool yet intense. He can convey some real emotion even through prosthetics.  Now while he is older than some of the other choices, he would brings a whole new take on our time hopping Mutant.



1. Eric Roberts

If you have read my Fan Cast for an X-Force live action you will know that this actor was my choice for Cable . He still remains my top choice as I think he will be amazing in the role. I am told this is a contentions view but I stand by it.  I loved Eric Roberts ever since I watched him in Best of the Best I then was exposed to Pope of Greenwich Village and King of the Gypsies. He is the right age and this could be the film to really bring his career back. He also had a very good Cameo in the series Entourage and I also think hen it comes to self deprecation and outside the box comedy Roberts would shine.



Kiera CableWelshy: Now this is something that has cropped up on the forums and film sites. To the left is some great fan art we found online showing Keira Knightley as Cable. Now this was something that was joked about in the Post Credit Scene. It is a very well put together picture and has actually had a lot of tweets and comments saying that it would be interesting to have Knightley as Cable. Therefore I feel it needs to be included. It would be very controversial and it is an unlikely choice, nevertheless, it would be a very creative, progressive swerve. One that you could really go to town with in regards to the comedy and self referential treatment. The whole thing could work in the context of Deadpool, even referencing the end credit scene from the first movie.  Knightley has done some credible roles in films such as Domino (for her action chops) London Boulevard and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World to name a few.

Dan: I’m totally down for this should they choose to take the path, and because they’ve joked about it in the post credit scene I don’t think it’s too big a risk. Knightley is one of my favourite actresses, because she most certainly does have range and depth. It would be good to see her tackle a darker, more dangerous action character than she has portrayed before.


So what do you think of our choices? Like em? Love em? Think they’re dog shit? Who do you have pegged for the role? Should Cable be included in a Deadpool 2? Let us know!

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