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Before They Were Famous: Goosebumps

At the moment my Nostalgia is running at a high thanks to the release of Goosebumps, a film adaptation of a series of books I loved as a youngster. The books were so popular they spawned a TV series based on the children’s horror stories, which also happens to be available on Netflix, and as a result I’ve binge watched the entire show. Now there is nothing like revisiting an old TV Series to for nostalgia, but there is another fun benefit of rewatching things, you get to see all the now famous faces when they started out. We all know Johnny Depp had one of his first roles in The Nightmare on Elm Street, but who did we discover made an appearances in the series that ran from 1995 to 1998?

Lets start with those famous on the small screen…

Amanda Tapping – It Came from Beneath the Sink

Amanda Tapping stars in the same episode as Katherine Isabelle, ‘It Came from Beneath the Sink’ playing Kat’s mother. Amanda Tapping had a lead role in the Stargate SG-1 & Stargate: Atlantis playing Samantha Carter, she also featured as the same character throughout the TV movies Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Following this role she also went on to star in over 50 episodes of the show Sanctuary playing Dr. Helen Magnus.

Colin Mochrie in GoosebumpsColin Mochrie – Bad Hare Day

One of my favourite comedy shows has always been Whose Line Is It Anyway? which stars Colin Mochrie in fine form. In 1995 he featured in the episode ‘Bad Hare Day’ with a blink and you miss it appearance as a character only known as ‘Heavy’. It’s most certainly a surprise appearance.

Caterina Scorsone in GoosebumpsCaterina Scorsone – Night of the Living Dummy II, Chillogy Part 1-3

Caterina actually starred in 4 episodes of Goosebumps, most notably playing Sara Kramer in ‘Night of the Living Dummy II’. Scorsone went on to play Dr. Amelia Shepard in the show Grey’s Anatomy and it’s spin-off Private Practice, featuring in a combined 102 episodes as the character. It’s safe to say ‘Night of the Living Dummy II’ is nowhere near as depressing as Greys Anatomy.


Charlotte Sullivan in GoosebumpsCharlotte Sullivan – You Can’t Scare Me!

Charlotte Sullivan will be most well known as playing Gail Peck in the TV series Rookie Blue for 5 years and 74 episodes. In Goosebumps she featured in the episode ‘You Can’t Scare Me!’ as Courtney, a young girl who was not scared of anything.  Sullivan also featured in the film Gangster alongside other Goosebumps alumni Scott Speedman and Brendan Fletcher.


Laura Vandervoort in GoosebumpsLaura Vandervoort – The Haunted House Game, Deep Trouble

Vandervoort was luck enough to star in three episodes of Goosebumps, with appearances in ‘The Haunted House Game’ and ‘Deep Trouble Parts 1 & 2’. However you’ll likely know her more from her time on a little show called Smallville, where she played none other than Kara/Supergirl in over 20 episodes. For those science fiction fans amongst you she was also in the reboot of V, playing Lisa in over 20 episodes.


And now for those who transitioned to the silver screen!

Katherine Isabelle in GoosebumpsKatherine Isabelle – It Came from Beneath the Sink

In the episode ‘It Came From Beneath the Sink’ a family moves into a new home, which turns out to contain an evil possessed sponge. Kat (Katherine Isabelle) finds the sponge under the sink and nobody believes her stories that the sponge is alive and appears to be bringing bad luck to the family. So who is Katherine Isabelle? Well she’s an experienced actress who has forged a name for herself in the horror genre. Her most famous role is in the Ginger Snaps trilogy as Ginger, the unlucky sister bitten by a werewolf. She can be seen recently in the TV show Hannibal and had a role in the horror mash-up Freddy Vs Jason.


Adam West in GoosebumpsAdam West – Attack of the Mutant

This is easily the most pleasing discovery from revisiting the Goosebumps series. In an episode split into two parts, ‘Attack of the Mutant’, a young boy who loves comic books stumbles across the headquarters of his favourite comic book villain. Unbeknownst to the boy The Masked Mutant is very real, who happens to hold the superhero The Galloping Gazelle hostage, and the hero is voiced by none other than the legendary Adam West. Amazing!


Julia ChantryJulia Chantry – Phantom of the Auditorium

In the episode ‘Phantom of the Auditorium’ Julia Chantry stars as Tina Powell, a reserve actress in the schools play that helps build the sets as well. She will be best known to fans of Mean Girls as Amber D’Alessio, a member of the Burnout clique that one time made out with a hot dog. She also made a recent appearance in the fantasy horror Mama alongside Jessica Chastain.


Ryan Gosling – Say Cheese and Die

Yeah, you read that name right…Ryan Gosling starred in one of Goosebumps most classic tales ‘Say Cheese and Die’. Gosling plays Greg Banks, a young boy who finds a evil camera that when a photo is taken predicts disaster for those in the picture. It’s safe to say Gosling has had finer moments, but it would have been nice to see him return to the character for the sequel episode ‘Say Cheese and Die Again’


Scott Speedman in GoosebumpsScott Speedman – Say Cheese and Die

Also starring in ‘Say Cheese and Die’ alongside Ryan Gosling is actor Scott Speedman, who has a very minor role at the end of the episode as a police officer. Speedman is better known as the vampire/werewolf hybrid Michael Corvin who Kate Beckinsale falls in love with in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.


Kevin Segers – Lets Get Invisible

Mr. Segers has appeared on both the small screen and the big screen in his career. In Goosebumps he played the mischievous little brother in ‘Lets Get Invisible’. My fellow usher Dave tells me he was in 10 episodes of his beloved series Gossip Girl. However your more likely to recognise him from the film adaptation of YA novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, or the remake of Dawn of the Dead, or The Colony.


Kris Lemche – Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

Kris Lemche may not be a name familiar with most, but if your a horror fan your likely to recognise the face over the name. In Goosebumps he played the farm hand boy called ‘Sticks’ in ‘Scarecrow Walks at Midnight’ but as he got older he not only featured in the show La Femme Nikita, he also featured in a handful of horror films. Lemche stars in Ginger Snaps, My Little Eye and Final Destination 3, despite being saved from being impaled by falling planks of wood, he ends up getting crushed by a cherry picker…


Shawn Roberts – Perfect School

In Goosebumps, he was sent off to a strange school which tried to clone him and make him the perfect son in the 2 parter ‘Perfect School’. They might not have been successful in the show, but he went on to become the perfect killing machine in the Resident Evil franchise playing villain Albert Wesker in the later instalments. More interestingly he played Rogues boyfriend in X-Men, that was until she nearly kissed the life out of him. Outside of those, he also had roles in Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead. What is it with these actors going from Goosebumps into the horror genre?


Hayden Christensen in GoosebumpsHayden Christensen – Night of the Living Dummy III

So we’ve left the best worst till last. Anakin Skywalker himself started off in Goosebumps, featuring in the two parter ‘Night of the Living Dummy III’. You kind of have to feel sorry for the guy, winning the role of a lifetime only to curse him for the rest of his. At least he has the claim to fame of working with Slappy the dummy, I just don’t know if it’s ironic that his acting is more wooden than the evil dummy in the show.


So there we have it folks, a long list of actors who once upon a time starred in an episode of the children’s horror TV show Goosebumps, who then went on to bigger and better things. So were there any surprises? You didn’t see Adam West coming did you?

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