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TV Film Of The Week – 11th March

Welcome to the TV Film of the Week. The name says it all! The Snooty Ushers have put their heads together to recommend a couple of films that you can watch this week on TV.

NB since we are all still ushers at heart, our weeks will start on a Friday.

So, our TV Film of the Week is:

2 Guns (BBFC Rating 15, Baltasar Kormákur, 2013)


Film 4,  Saturday 12th March and Thursday 17th March, 21:00

Great action film with Washington and Wahlberg as undercover agents who need to work together after they fall foul of a drug kingpin and a rouge CIA agent.  Cracking buddy movie.  Check out Dave’s thoughts hereCheck out Dave’s thoughts here.

An alternative choice, our other TV Film of the Week is….

My Name Is Bruce (BBFC Rating 15, Bruce Campbell, 2008)

my name is bruce


Film 4, Friday 11th March, 21:00

Bruce Campbell, THE Snooty Usher, is called upon to save the world by a horror film fan. However, the real Bruce Campbell isn’t the action hero he plays on the screen. Can he become the hero his fans think he is? It uses a similar template to Galaxy Quest, but that isn’t a bad thing!

For your consideration

The best of the rest:

Farewell, My Lovely (BBFC Rating PG, Edward Dmytryk, 1944) – Brilliant adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel, with Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe.  Classic Film Noir.  Movies4Men, Friday 11th March, 07:55

Transporter III (BBFC Rating 15, Oliver Megaton, 2008) – The Stath is back! The final part of the Transporter trilogy was one too many, but any excuse to get Jason Statham to fight and take his shirt off should be taken. E4, Friday 11th March, 21:00

The Ring (BBFC Rating 15, Gore Verbinski, 2002) – About a decade ago, there was a slew of  American remakes of Japanese and Korean horror films. To my knowledge, this was the first, and could be the best of them all. Naomi Watts is the journalist who decides to investigate a series of deaths linked to a video tape. Obviously not as good as the original, but still an above average horror film. BBC1, Friday 11th March, 23:30

Sightseers (BBFC Rating 15, Ben Wheatley, 2012) – Alice Lowe and Steve Oram are two caravaners who go on a killing spree. Director Ben Wheatley seems to be getting closer to breaking out with his upcoming High Rise, but this is a good, but slightly odd film. Film4, Saturday 12th March, 00:35

Devil (BBFC Rating 15, John Erick Dowdle, 2010) – Based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan (and luckily that was the limit of this involvement), five strangers are trapped in an elevator, each with a terrible secret. Part And Then There Were None, part Dr Terror’s House Of Horror. Channel 4, Saturday 12th March, 01:35

Kick-Ass (BBFC Rating 15, Matthew Vaughn, 2009) – I loved the recent Deadpool movie, and it reminded me a lot of this. Unlike (at least) two of my Snooty Usher brethren, I love this film. Also, a Nic Cage appearance gets this an automatic recommendation. Channel 4, Sunday 13th March, 00:20

10 Things I Hate About You (BBFC Rating 12, Gil Junger, 1999) – Retelling of Taming Of The Shrew set in American High School. Heath Ledger was only 20 when this film was released. What a talent. Film4, Tuesday 15th March, 19:05

Die Another Day (BBFC Rating 12, Lee Tamahori, 2002) – Dave’s least favourite Bond film (and it would be in my bottom 5 definitely) I can only recommend the opening portion of Brosnan’s last outing, before it turns into a disappointingly generic action film. ITV4, Tuesday 15th March, 21:00

The Cabin In The Woods (BBFC Rating 15, Drew Goddard, 2010) – A cliche-satirizing horror from JJ Abrams, with a group of  teenagers finding themselves isolated in a… cabin in the woods.Very, very good. 5*, Tuesday 15th March, 22:55

U.S .Marshals (BBFC Rating 15, Stuart Baird, 1998) – Tommy Lee Jones and his team of Marshals are back in this sequel to The Fugitive, this time he is hunting Wesley Snipes and facing a conspiracy. Obviously not as good as the original, but it is great to see Jones return to this character. ITV4, Wednesday 16th March, 21:00

Daredevil (BBFC Rating 15, Mark Steven Johnson, 2003) – This gets a hard time and it hasn’t aged the best, but there are some cool moments  in there if you look closely. Worth a watch if only to see just how much better the TV series is. Film 4, Thursday 17th March, 23:10

There we go. We hope there’s something you like! See you next week when The Snooty Ushers choose their TV Film Of The Week!

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