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5 Questions from Daredevil Season 2

So just like hundreds and thousands of people out there we’ve been binge watching the second season of Daredevil. One because it’s damn fine television, and two it gives us so much to talk about! Our resident comic aficionado Welshy has reviewed the series here, and given an rather intricate look at some easter eggs in the show, but now we turn out attention to the aftermath. There are many a loose end left come the final credits of episode 13 of Daredevil Season 2, and we have some burning questions about Season 3 and where the MCU goes from here. Warning, spoilers are ahead.

5. Will Matt Murdock become Daredevil full time?

The end of season 1 showed Matt, Foggy and Karen celebrating over the success of putting Wilson Fisk in prison and opening their own joint law firm, Nelson and Murdock. Fast Forward to the end of season 2 and Nelson and Murdock have disbanded. Foggy has been recruited to work at the same law firm as Jeri Hogarth tying it into Jessica Jones, Karen has followed in the footsteps of Ben Ulrich joining the Bulletin newspaper, and Matt just walks off with former mentor Stick.

In the comics a big part of Matt Murdock’s dual identity is as a lawyer during the day, something he is very passionate about. His commitment to this role waned in Season 2 due to the heavy workload he felt he had to burden as Daredevil, but it is such a fundamental part of the character that you can’t abandon it. Making things trickier is if he continues to be a lawyer by day, he doesn’t have his own law firm to fall back on and anybody to pick up the pieces, making him a pretty unreliable, rather crappy lawyer. So where does Matt Murdock go from here? Does he become ‘The Man Without Fear’ on a full time basis? A show just couldn’t work like that.

4. Will there be a Punisher Series? Would it even work?

So far, everyone of the Ushers who have watched the series fully thought Jon Bernthal was fantastic as the brutal vigilante, which we believe is being echoed by the wider world. Now his participation in this season of Daredevil was pretty substantial and as a result we’ve covered his origin story. This means he can now be let loose on the hells kitchen and more, leaving chaos and violence in our midst. Though really the bigger, juicier question is, would a Punisher series work? Two films have tried (sort of) and come up short, but could TV

As much as I would love it to work solo, I don’t know if they have enough material just following the one man killing machine work his way through gangs of people. It’s more likely that a 13 episode run would work if there was another significant character to play off. Luke Cage seems the best fit, but he’s already has his own series due in September and is involved in Jessica Jones so it’s unlikely. Another run on Daredevil would be pointless, and I don’t think we should tolerate another round of Murdock being appalled at Frank Castle’s methods. Really the best thing for a Punisher series would be to do a one series run, with a big villain like Jigsaw or go completely left field and by that I mean throw in Blade or Ghost Rider. Whaaaaaaat I hear you say, but why not? Both characters give an opportunity for Castle to fully reach his violent potential in terms of action, and they provide interesting support to push the TV MCU into supernatural territory. Just imagine Frank Castle pumping buckets of bullets into vamps whilst Blade starts slicing them up! He’s also going to be the easiest hero to kill off, could he be the first?

What do you think?

3. Will Elektra rise to rule The Hand?

If you’ve seen the show you’ll know Elektra’s body is now in the hands of…The Hand, and if you know your comic history then you’ll also know that at one point Elektra aligns with the shady occult loving ninjas. A Daredevil Season 3 will undoubtedly bring her back, and as she seems to be the key to this whole ‘Black Sky’ shenanigan than The Hand has going on. Now the mysterious ninja clan are supposed to worship a powerful demon known as The Beast, does Elektra have the ability to transform into this demon or is she the key to bringing it to life? They do put her into that strange looking relic/coffin that The Hand put her in at the end of the show, and they were also draining peoples blood for some purpose we are yet to see. Either way she’s coming back, and she could be back stronger than ever.

2. Who will the next villain be?

So, we’ve had Wilson Fisk in Season 1, who also appears in Season 2 and utters the word Kingpin, but in his own words he is “Playing the long game” so is unlikely to be a prominent feature. Frank Castle is now established as a force for good, and Elektra is dead. There is a chance, like I mentioned in the paragraph above, that Elektra will come back from the dead and give Matt Murdock a bit of a dilema, but I honestly think if an Iron Fist series comes first she could be the primary villain. You can only use The Hand so much in Daredevil before the action gets repetitive. So who else could you have? Bullseye seems the next best choice, and was rumoured to be in Season 2 with Jason Statham playing the role, so there is no reason not to revisit bringing in this iconic villain who actually killed Elektra in the comics, as well as killing another major character present in the Netflix series.

If you look past Bulleye, there aren’t many other options unless you include somebody like Typhoid Mary….now I mention it….

1. Has Fisk figured out Daredevil’s identity?

One of the last scenes, if not the last (my memory is a little foggy…. due to binge watching the show) featuring Wilson Fisk in this series has him asking his legal aid Benjamin for another look over the files on Matt Murdock. This is after Murdock confronts him in prison which leads to a bit of a scuffle. Fisk is known for his intelligence and with time on his side in prison the chances are by the time he gets out he’ll have figured it all out. Which if that is the case, will he relentlessly pursue the demise of Foggy Nelson? Most likely

So those are just 5 questions we have coming out of Daredevil Season 2, do you have any?

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