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The Angry Birds Movie Review

Well, here I am again back in the reviewer’s chair as I ventured on a family trip to see The Angry Birds Movie.  Is this just a colourful cash in or is there more depth to it?  Let’s find out.

Red is a bird with serious anger management issues, he lives on a island filled with flightless birds and all is peaceful.  Following an angry outburst at a birthday party, Red is sent to anger management classes.  When the island is invaded by a race of green pig creatures who steal all the bird’s eggs, it is up to Red and his new friends to save the day.

Now, this film is utter nonsense and there is no denying it, but let’s be honest, it is based on a mobile phone game so those going in expecting an animated classic will be disappointed.  There are some animated features that consist of content for both the little ones and the adults, this however is just for the kids.  The Lego Movie this isn’t.

That is not to say that there is not jokes in there for the over 5s, they are not however subtly delivered, in fact they are re-enforced just in case you missed them.  There is one moment where the lead pig speaks in pig Latin, which is funny and subtle until he turns to the screen and tells us that he is speaking in pig Latin, I was half expecting “This is a clever joke for adults” to flash up on the screen, this is not the only instance like this and there are loads of pig related puns that have been done a million times and just fall a little flat.

Like most animated movies not made by Disney, there seems to be little thought given to voice casting, the film is loaded with Saturday Night Live alum, some faring better than others.  Jason Sudeikis does well as the put upon hero, learning to be a leader and friend.  As a particularly angry man myself, I liked the exasperated edge Sudeikis gave the character.  Danny McBride also does well with Bomb, a huge black bird who can, well turn himself into a bomb (it’s that kind of film) and Peter Dinklage has a blast as The Mighty Eagle, a mythical hero to the birds.  Josh Gad fares less well as Chuck, the super fast side-kick and comes off as if Olaf has over dosed on Red Bull and what is the point of having Sean Penn in the movie if all he is going to do is grunt?

Having said all that, the film does accomplish what it sets out to do and that is entertain the kids.  My own child and many of those in the screen were engrossed and laughed at all the right moments and by the time it gets to the final battle, I was having too much fun to worry about it’s many short comings.

It is daft, really daft and makes no real sense, but it is a laugh and will most certainly entertain, if not challenge both you and your little ones.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you folks enjoyed yourselves, catch ya later on down the trail.

Sam Elliot

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