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X-Men: Apocalypse Post Credits Scene Explained

So X-Men: Apocalypse has finally hit the silver screen, and though it was a reasonable film, it wasn’t a great X-Men film. It was a rather stretched out, overblown entry into the franchise with many a problem. On par with Batman Vs  Superman? Quite possibly. Anyway that isn’t why we’re here, we are here to discuss that post credit scene and what it means for the future franchise entries. Without further delay, and your last spoiler alert call, here is what could happen next in the X-Men franchise.

As the credit roll finishes we return to Alkali Lake, looking back at the carnage that an unleashed Weapon X test subject has wreaked on the facility. As the clean up process gets under way, a mysterious figure walks through the halls. Upon getting to their destination, they open a container which contains a vial of blood from Weapon X. Collecting the sample, they then place it into a briefcase alongside a variety of other vials of different colours. When the briefcase closes, it bears the engraved words, Essex Corp.

So what does Essex Corp allude to, and why should it be significant? Much like the post credit scene of The Wolverine informed us that Bolivar Trask was on his way with the Sentinels, and the one on X-Men: Days of Future Past letting us know Apocalypse was on his way, Essex Corp signifies another big bad of the X-Men world, Mr. Sinister.

Mister Sinister, or just Sinister, is otherwise known as Nathaniel Essex, a man obsessed with the Darwin theory and studying mutations. He also happens to have had a previous encounter with Apocalypse himself, En Sabah Nur (However whether this will be used in a future film is unlikely) Traditionally in the comics, Essex made an insidious deal with Apocalypse whereby he would make a plague to wipe out humanity and in return was turned into an ageless being with powers. The name Sinister was picked due to it being the last word his wife called him before dying. Oh, and did you know this is the character Bryan Cranston said he would love to play last year? Salivating is it not? As with many comic variations, there are a few different stories involving Sinister and his connections to members of the X-Men. The two most notable that stand out lead to a number of exciting possibilities in the wider X-Men film canon.

In the crossover ‘Inferno’ it is revealed that Sinister had cloned Jean Grey, thus creating the character Madelyne Pryor for the sole purpose of having a child with Scott Summer/Cyclops. This appears to have been an end to a messy storyline created by Marvel after Chris Claremont had retired Cyclops from the X-Men. However we aren’t discussing that, more importantly we’re discussing the child of Cyclops, who if you are not aware goes by the name Nathan Summers a.k.a Cable. Yes, that Cable, the time travelling bad ass closely associated with Deadpool, and a character likely to appear in a sequel alongside the merc with a mouth. However the possibilities don’t end there, Cable is also a big part of X-Force, a film that 20th Century Fox, Bryan Singer, and writer Simon Kinberg have been working on for too long. Is it a coincidence that Bryan Singer recently told Fandango that Kinberg is already starting the script for X-Force?


The other tantalising possibility is more directly linked to what we actually see in that post credit scene. The acquisition of a blood vial from Weapon X most likely means we could be heading down the route of seeing X-23. Don’t know X-23? Well they, or she to be exact, is the product of a secret program designed to replicate Weapon X, and after several failed attempts, the 23rd yields success and X-23 is born. A female mutant with the same abilities as Wolverine. Unsurprisingly X-23 can also be found prominently in X-Force, which lends itself to the tease from Singer, and considering Hugh Jackman will be hanging up the claws soon they’ll be in need of a suitable replacement.

A question remains though, what other samples does Essex Corp have in it’s briefcase? Mr. Sinister has a history with another upcoming X-Men character who is getting their own film soon, you know that Gambit film that has been rolling around forever? Well Sinister and Gambit go back quite a bit, some of the darkest most questionable things the Rajin’ Cajun does is on orders from Sinister.

Whatever 20th Century Fox have planned for Mr. Sinister/Nathaniel Essex, one thing is for certain, after X-Men: Apocalypse the studio is at a crossroads with the next steps they take. Bryan Singer is off to do 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, leaving a big question mark over when we’ll see the next X-Men film and even if Singer will be back for the ride. Which means it’s more likely to tie in with Deadpool 2, Gambit, or X-Force What do you folks think? Where are they going to go next with X-Men and how big a role will Sinister play? Could the scene even be the biggest clue yet for Wolverines next solo outing?


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