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Welcome, George Shaw – The 5th Usher

Now, we here are Snooty Usher Towers are getting on a bit (some more than others), but we can never be accused of being set in our ways.  We like to think of ourselves as a forward thinking bunch and are always on the lookout for something new.  To that end, it is our collective pleasure to introduce the newest member of our merry bunch, Mr George Shaw…

George, like the rest of us, has lived the life of a cinema usher and, well, rather than me waffling on let us here from the young man in his own words.

Let’s start with the obvious one.  What is you favourite film and why?

I always find this a tough one to answer. Like my new Ushersmates, and many others I’m sure, I have several films all vying feverishly for the top spot. My go to answer, however, is usually Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001). A beautifully unique love story, as much about the little eccentricities that make us all wonderfully individual, as it is about the romance between the film’s titular character and her love interest – all played out against the gorgeous Parisian setting.

An honourable mention must go to Grease (Randal Kleiser, 1978), for essentially sound tracking my childhood, my teens and the majority of my twenties.

Same question, this time with the worst?

Anything with the name Michael Bay attached is usually enough for me. However, recently, I was particularly perturbed by 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – which I found to be a disgustingly gratuitous slab of war porn that lacked any real heart, subtly, or insight into the dangers of the war-zones it depicted – other than “hey isn’t blowing stuff up COOL.” It’s the closest I’ve ever got to walking out.

It gets bonus bad points for it’s a horribly, inappropriately poignant ending.

Is there a specific type of film that you would call your favourite?

I am a sucker for a good love story – I cry at most things these days. I like everything really – from big action blockbusters, animation and (mostly) anything with subtitles (it’s the only time I do any reading these days).

What has been your favourite film of 2016 so far?

2016 has been really great so far. There’s been lots I’ve really loved. From Tom Hiddleston pulsating performance in the grotesque dystopia of High Rise (Ben Wheatley, 2016), to the 70’s detective homage that was The Nice Guys (Shane Black, 2016).  Nothing, however, has stayed with me as much as the brutal and unforgiving Son Of Saul (Laszlo Nemes, 2015) did – a beautiful, courageous piece of film-making with an important story to tell.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

Ghostbusters. Every inch of my being wants to love the new Ghostbusters and it has everything going for it – I love the cast, the director and actually quite liked the trailer – but there’s still something I find uneasy about the film. I don’t think I could take being disappointed by it.

Who is your film hero?, an actor and a character.

I want to say a really cool answer for film hero – like Indiana Jones – but it’s sadly, probably Danny Zuko. As a kid, I think I probably wanted to be the lead character in some kind of Indiana Jones /Grease crossover.  In terms of actors, I’ve always been an admirer of Bill Murray – for his excellent comedic performances, his continued work with Wes Anderson and for his elusive insistence for only working on projects he has an interest in – even if they aren’t always the best choices.

danny zucko

If you could make anything into a film, be it book, comic, game, Shakspearean Sonnet, what would it be?

That Indiana Jones/Grease crossover.

What would you say your specialist subject is?  

The Grease Soundtrack.

Other than yourself, which Usher has the best beard?

Come on! That’s like asking me to pick my favourite song off the Grease soundtrack…

Well, that is  George, a warm welcome and we eagerly await your first contribution.

Thanks for reading.  Hope you folks enjoyed yourselves, catch ya later on down the trail.

Sam Elliot


About Snooty Usher Dave

Favourite Film : Ghostbusters (1984) Worst Film: Left Behind (2014) Guilty Pleasure: Pitch Perfect (2012) 40 year old family man from Hamilton, Scotland. I have settled in Gateshead with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Worked as a Cinema Manager (or glorified usher) for 14 years, now I run a chicken shop. Love Sport especially Football and Tennis. Love comic books, especially DC and particularly Superman. I own 58 Nicolas Cage films.


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