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The Do-Over Review

Charlie McMillan (David Spade) is an unappreciated, and unhappily married man who runs into his old childhood friend Max Kessler at the high school reunion. After they catch up during the course of the night, Max tells Charlie that he’s now an FBI agent, and as they are both unhappy with their stock in life Max fakes their deaths and they assume the identities of two other people who’ve recently died. Unbeknown to Charlie, Max ins’t all that he claims to be, and the identities they’ve assumed were not acquired by chance.

Following the Ridiculous 6 this is the second film in the deal between Netflix and Adam Sandler, and it’s certifiable rubbish. Ridiculous 6 wasn’t perfect but it had its stupid moments, The Do-Over on the other hand had one and it was fleeting. In a turn of events, David Spade actually takes the lead in this film as the unwitting former high school king Charlie whose life is stuck in a rut until Max comes along. When Max comes back into his life, the feeling of youth is once again rekindled and the two take advantage of their fake deaths and live it up in Puerto Rico. As Charlie looks to enjoy life, Max has an alternative agenda which is about to put the breaks on their time together.

Comedies can be tough to review as they can appeal to all different senses of humour, but I struggled to get anything from this. Comedy itself is almost absent from the feature, with the exception of an extremely awkward threesome scene with David Spade and Luis Guzman, there is little else to laugh at. The juvenile humour which has worked well for Sandler in the past is not as prolific as it has been here, but there are still gags involving butts, balls, and orifices which struggle to even generate a chuckle.

Older Sandler starring comedies have dared not venture off the straight and narrow with their plots, and The Do-over starts off the same as we get a version of Pee Wee’s Big Holiday starring Spade and Sandler, however midway through the film the story begins to deviate into new territory with a storyline not out of place in a 90s action thriller. Sadly it just doesn’t work, and is out of date.

I would love nothing more than to see Adam Sandler return to the form that saw him turn heads with Reign Over Me, and make people laugh with The Waterboy but The Do-Over is simply not it and it’s also yet another Netflix exclusive dud to hit the streaming service this year.

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