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Fan Cast – The Boys movie – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our fan casting for the simply amazing comic series The Boys. For part 1 we focused solely on the characters that make up the superhero hunting The Boys, and now we take aim at some of the pivotal characters who inhabit the world where superheroes take advantage of everything and anyone.

Lt. Col. Greg D. Mallory – Powers Boothe

  Greg Mallory - Powers Boothe

Mallory was the original leader of The Boys but after the groups actions led to tragic personal deaths he left the group, and never returned when the group was reformed. Mallory served in World War II, and despite being the ripe age of 90, his appearance is affected by exposure to Compound V. He was also responsible for bringing Butcher into the fold, and following the teams revival watches from afar as he stays privately in touch with M.M.

There are a host of actors who could play this character with their eyes closed, many of whom have played similar roles before like Bill Paxton or Stephen Lang, and had Bruce Willis not seemingly given up on making an effort he would have been perfect for the role. Now to play Mallory it’s important to have somebody who Butcher would have looked up to, a powerful and assertive authoritative figure, so I’ve opted for a man whose name is the same as that former quality, Powers Booth.

The Legend – Danny DeVito

Legend - Danny DeVito

The Legend is an elderly man who acts as a kind of informant to the Boys on all matters superhero related. As former comic editor/writer for Vought-American, the shady company behind most superhero matters, the Legend’s knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses, and operations of them is incredible and of great assistance to the Boys. However there is more to the Legend than mere informant, he’s a man ingrained within the superhero culture whether he likes it or not.

There can be absolutely no other choice to play the Legend than Danny DeVito. He might be the fountain of knowledge on all things superhero related, but he’s also a little bit odd/creepy, the kind of odd/creepy that DeVito has perfected as Frank in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Annie January/Starlight – Amanda Seyfried

Starlight - Amanda Seyfried

Starlight is a young superhero who is invited to join the most famous and well regarded team of superheros in the world, known as The Seven. However upon her arrival she is subjected to horrific acts by the team and immediately becomes disillusioned with her path. When she is not appearing as her superhero alter ego Starlight is actually called Annie January, and when not on duty she develops a relationship with Hughie. Though neither character knows the real occupation of the other. As a character she is the polar opposite of the majority of her superhero brethren, honest, innocent and wants to provide some good for the world, and with that in mind there was only really one actress I felt I could choose for the role.

Amanda Seyfried has a ton of experience but is still a fresh faced talent in the film industry and with her girl next door appearance she feels like a great choice for Annie. In the comic series Annie is one of the few characters we actually see develop from when we are introduced to them to the bitter end, primarily because she is forced to learn the brutal ways of this world quickly from being thrust into the spotlight of superhero stardom. Now we’ve seen Seyfried play the young innocent girl in films such as Dear John, Mamma Mia and Letters to Juliet but this would be an interesting step forward for the young actress into different territory.

For your consideration: Now, had I opted to have Simon Pegg play Hughie I would have selected Lake Bell to play this role instead. The two had a good chemistry playing off each other in the film Man Up and it would be interesting to see her tackle this type of role.

The Homelander – Armie Hammer

The Homelander - Armie Hammer

The Homelander is the most famous/popular/powerful superhero going on the surface, but scratch that surface and you have an egotistical and nefarious murderer posing a superhero. Created in a lab by the military organisation Vought American, he’s also the equivalent of a supervillain and is the arch nemesis of Butcher for reasons he is unable to remember. As the leader of The Seven, the holy grail of superhero groups, he sort of manages a selection of other dysfunctional superheros are are as equally flawed/horrible. His appearance may be that of the perfect patriot, but he looks just as perfect as Hitlers ideal man, and there is a lot more below the chiselled features of this beast and none of it is any good.

Based on looks and appearance Armie Hammer makes a great Homelander, but what is more tantalising is that we’ve not seen the actors dark side yet which could really provide the character with a kick. There is so much evil within the ‘superhero’ that Hammer can get his teeth into which could make for an unforgettable performance, and as a fan there should be no reason why this role isn’t played as effectively as the Joker was by Heath Ledger. Also it helps that Hammer is on the dwindling list of actors who’ve yet to play a superhero of some kind.

For your consideration: As I mentioned above, one of the reasons I chose Armie Hammer is because he has yet to play a superhero. However what I did not mention is that the reason I overlooked other actors who on paper are perfect for the role is because they’ve already played superheros. Chris HemsworthChris Evans and Henry Cavill are three actors who are more than qualified to bring the Homelander to life, but because they’ve already donned a cape, or shield already for a few films it could come across repetitive. Admittedly the Homelander is a drastic change from Thor, Captain America and Superman but you wouldn’t be able to shake their image from your head if they jumped into this role.

Queen Maeve (Empress of the Otherworld) – Lake Bell

Queen Meave - Lake Bell

Queen Maeve is the only female presence in the Seven until Starlight arrives, and despite starting with good intentions, has become embittered by some of the horrendous debacles that the group have been involved in. Since losing her passion for the job she has become a raging alcoholic, and though she dislikes the rest of her group, she hates the Homelander.

First and foremost Lake Bell is great and should be in more stuff, but I totally see her working as an slightly older superhero disillusioned with her role. What is important for Queen Maeve is that there are shades of a protective nature still residing within her actions, they’re just usually hidden behind all the alcohol she consumes. So we need an actress who can convey that drunken mother hen role, and lets not forget The Boys isn’t all just body parts and death, so we’ll need some sharp biting black humour as well which we all know Bell has in her wheelhouse.

For your consideration: No matter how decisive you try to be with your options you can guarantee that when you think you’re done a light bulb goes off in your mind and you think of another great suitable choice. Well that just happened right here, right now. Just when I thought I was done I began to think, what if we wanted to be a bit more unconventional? Well why don’t we cast Kathryn Hahn instead? Another actress who deserves a bigger role in anything she stars in, Hahn can do drama and comedy very well and could easily provide a lighter tone when sh*t gets dark. And it gets pitch black in The Boys.

A-Train – Glenn Howerton

A-Train - Glenn Howerton

A-Train is the careless superhero who accidentally kills Hughie’s girlfriend in the first couple of issues, an event that leads eventual recruitment of Hughie into the Boys. He’s not the brightest supe, and is frequently overlooked by the big three in the Seven, though he follows in their footsteps of taking advantage of his position and powers as a superhero. Also if his actions in the death of Hughie’s girlfriend weren’t enough, he also has a distasteful part to play in Starlights life at the HQ of the Seven.

Amongst the dark, dark, or so very dark places that this comic series goes, the vast array of insane, stupid and superhero parodies provide ample humour to lighten the mood. The character of A-Train sort of falls into this category, despite the stuff he does and wants to do. So where do you find somebody capable of unacceptable acts, yet is able to amuse you? Well we’ve already dipped into the pool once, but the second time could be more fruitful as I’ve went for the master of the implication from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Glenn Howerton.

For your consideration: None, Glenn Howerton should play this character!

The Lamplighter – Dan Stevens

Lamplighter - Dan Stevens

The Lamplighter at one point is a member of the Seven, but it’s his drastic actions that lead to Mallory leaving the Boys and subsequent original disbandment, as well as his ultimate fate. Though he doesn’t appear a lot in the series, he has an important part to play in the story of the Boys and the Seven.

Dan Stevens can steal hearts all day long with his charming looks, but he’s just as capable of playing the bad guy as he is the good, and for the Lamplighter we need somebody bad. Stevens turn in The Guest as the enigmatic David sets him up brilliantly to play something like this, and lets be honest every film could do with a little Dan Stevens even if he is going around murdering folk.

Jack from Jupiter – Jason Mantzoukas

pjimage (19)

Jack from Jupiter is an unusual character, supposedly an extraterrestrial who has the ability to make his skin impenetrable by saying a particular word (Carpo) he tends to let things go by and happen without interfering too much. He’s a prolific drug user, frequents prostitutes, and isn’t all that strong compared to the rest of the Seven. Much like A-Train some dark humour comes from Jack, and as such it could help to have somebody from a comedic background to bring this skinny, shiny gold character to the screen.

Now I’m not saying Jason Mantzoukas looks like a skinny, shiny gold alien, but he is such a good fit for the character. Now I haven’t seen him get serious in his acting as usually it’s watching him delightfully play the absurd Rafi in The League, but to be honest even if the character isn’t played straight it’ll still work.

The Deep – Lance Reddick

The Deep - Lance Reddick

The Deep is very much a parody of Aquaman, a superhero who is marketed as the ‘King of the Seas’ by Vought American. He walks around wearing a deep sea diving costume, helmet, and cape, and apparently is unable to remove his helmet due to an Atlantian curse…Though he is an original member of the Seven, he doesn’t get as much time as the rest of the team, nor is he involved too heavily in any of the story arcs that occur.

As The Deep never removes his helmet we never get to see what he looks like properly, but if we want an older, well built mass of man then we might as well give the ever reliable Lance Reddick the role. Why? Because he’s Lance Reddick and he’s cool as f*ck.

And just so we don’t bore you to death with more reasons here is the…

Best of the Rest

President Robert ‘Dakota Bob’ Schaefer – Bruce Campbell

Dakota Bob - Bruce Campbell

James Stillwell – Cillian Murphy

pjimage (18)

Vasilii ‘Vas’ Vorishikin – Andrew Bryniarski

pjimage (17)

So that is it for our two part fan cast of The Boys. We hope you aren’t too angry with our choices, but if you think you can do better than let us know who you’d have in this theoretical film version of The Boys. Also answer me a question, who on earth would play Tek Knight?

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