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TV Film Of The Week – 8th July

Welcome to the TV Film of the Week. The name says it all! The Snooty Ushers have put their heads together to recommend a couple of films that you can watch this week on TV.

NB since we are all still ushers at heart, our weeks will start on a Friday.

So, our TV Film of the Week is:

Drag Me To Hell
(BBFC Rating 15, Sam Raimi , 2009)

Drag Me To Hell

Monday 11th July, 23:10

Drag Me To Hell was the return of Sam Raimi to the horror genre after he lost his way amongst the studio politics of making Spider-man films. And what a welcome return it was, as a bank clerk is cursed after turning down a creepy old woman’s plea for an extension on a loan. A simple setup, taken to its extreme. At times knowingly ludicrous, this is a lot of scary fun.

An alternative choice, our other TV Film of the Week is….

(BBFC Rating 15, Nicholas Jarecki, 2012)

Arbitrage Poster

Channel 4
Saturday 9th July, 00:10

First things first: arbitrage is a trading term, referring to buying and selling something on two different markets at the same time, when there is a price difference between the two markets. Richard Gere is a hedge fund manager involved in some dodgy business (obviously!) with his fund, who is involved in a car accident with his mistress. He has to keep the truth secret from his wife (Susan Sarandon) and investigating detective Tim Roth.

For your consideration

And since I’m here, these are my thoughts on the best of the rest:

Alien (BBFC Rating 15, Ridley Scott, 1979) – I always like to include one classic in this section,  and Alien is a classic in the creepy sci-fi tradition (as opposed to Aliens, which is a classic sci-fi action film). Film4, Friday 8th July, 23:25

The Place Beyond The Pines (BBFC Rating 15, Derek Cianfrance, 2012) – Ryan Gosling is a deadbeat motorcycle stunt man who meets old flame Eva Mendes when his circus passes through his hometown. When he returns a year later, she has given birth to his son. He decides to stay put, but when a bank robbery goes wrong, he crosses paths with rookie cop Bradley Cooper. Neither of their lives, or their sons lives, will ever be the same again. Channel 4, Sunday 10th July, 00:35

The Resident (BBFC Rating 15, Antti Jokinen, 2010) – A film worth celebrating just for the fact that it is part of the comeback of Hammer Films, and has the great Christopher Lee in a small role. Hilary Swank moves into a new apartment and is stalked by landlord Jeffery Dean Morgan . BBC1, Sunday 10th July, 00:45

Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors (BBFC Rating 12, Freddie Francis, 1964) – Another Christopher Lee horror film, as he and Donald Sutherland (and others) are told stories by Peter Cushing’s Dr Schreck on a train journey. Horror Channel, Sunday 10th July, 21:00

Cyrus (BBFC Rating 15, Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, 2010) – The Duplass brothers have expanded their repertoire recently, but this part of the “mumblecore” genre they helped create. The improvised, low-key style that spawned films like Jeff Who Lives At Home and Safety Not Guarenteed here allows John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill get involved in a love triangle over Marisa Tomei.  Film4, Tuesday 12th July, 02:05

Independence Day (BBFC Rating 12, Roland Emmerich, 1996) – Another classic sci-fi! I recently re-viewed it, and it holds up. If you were disappointed with the recent sequel, relive the glory of the original. E4, Tuesday 12th July, 21:00

Identity Thief (BBFC Rating 15, Seth Gordon, 2013) – Melissa McCarthy’s recent The Boss was a disappointingly average film, but this is a better structured film that benefits from Jason Bateman’s excellent straight man role.  Film4, Wednesday 13th July, 21:00

Fracture (BBFC Rating 15, Gregory Hoblit, 2007) – Antony Hopkins shoots his wife, and confesses to the crime. At his trial however, he defends himself against high flying young lawyer Ryan Gosling, and manages to take apart the prosecution case. But then Gosling won’t let Hopkins get away, and dedicates himself to discovering the truth. Film4, Wednesday 13th July, 23:15

There we go. Hope there’s  something you like in there! See you next week when The Snooty Ushers choose their TV Film Of The Week!

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

that's all folks

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