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Ghostbusters Post Credits Scene Explained

If you’ve been to see the new Ghostbusters film (which Dave has kindly reviewed here) at the cinema recently you might not have thought to stick around until right at the end. Why would you? This is no interconnected superhero universe that needs to lead into sequels or spin-offs… Well more fool you, those who stayed to watch Chris Hemsworth’s dance moves during the credit roll were rewarded with a fine post credit scene that either serves as a nod to the originals or a direction for a sequel. But what was it exactly?

As the credits roll comes to an end and a lovely ‘For Harold Ramis’ message to cap things off, we go back inside the lab/technical area of the Ghostbusters newly renovated HQ at the firestation. As Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Jillian Holtzman are at work tinkering away with various things, Patty Tolan is listening back on some recordings they’ve made hoping to find some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

Whilst listening something catches Patty’s attention on the recording, and the others are alerted to the possible find after Patty asks the question “What is Zuul?” 

So what, or who exactly is Zuul?

No, we’re not talking about Zool, Ninja of the Nth Dimension from those cool Amiga games back in the day, we’re talking about Zuul the demigod. Zuul is the spirit that possesses Signourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett in the original Ghostbusters after she comes to the eponymous team of parapsychologists for help. Also known as the ‘Gatekeeper’ Zuul is preparing for the arrival of the Sumerian shape-shifting god of destruction Gozer the Gozerian. With the help of Vinz Clortho otherwise known as ‘Keymaster’, the spirit that possesses Rick Moranis’s character Louis Tully, when the two entities will come together they’ll be able to summon Gozer into this realm, and bring about the end of the world.

Zuul, The Gatekeeper in it’s original good looking form…

What does it mean?

Though Zuul is the most prominent antagonist in the original film, as mentioned above they are merely a servant to Gozer ‘The Destructor’ who is the real big bad of proceedings. If a sequel to the new Ghostbusters is going to happen and they opt to bring Zuul into the fold then that should mean we’ll be getting Gozer too. It also means we’ll be hearing about Ivo Shandor, the unstable physician and architect who designed the Shandor Building (which Dana lives in) for the sole purpose of acting as a conduit to bring these paranormal beings into the world.

Gozer (Centre) with Zuul and Vinz

Is it the right move?

Personally, I hope the scene is simply a nod to the original film and not a lead in to a sequel that is about Zuul, Gozer and the end of the world. Or, if they are going to use these characters, that they do something completely different. The main reason being the rebooted film already borrows quite a bit from the originals blueprints. We have a hotel/apartment that acts as the centre of the supernatural disturbances, we have a disgruntled man sick of humanity trying to bring about an apocalypse, and the antagonist also takes on the larger, more sinister form of something that the ghostbusters team decides. These are all lovable nods to the original film already, and things that don’t need to be revisited. The reboot stands on it’s own already because it isn’t a direct remake of the source material.

Whether we get Zuul or not in any potential sequel, I’m sure we can all agree that this new version of Ghostbusters was one heck of a fun haunted house ride.



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