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Sausage Party Review

A hero will rise

The food that resides within Shopwell supermarket dream of being destined for something greater. They start everyday in joyous song, spending their time hoping to be plucked from the shelves by the gods and taken to ‘the great beyond’ where blissful happiness supposedly awaits them. One problem they don’t know, the gods are humans, and the great beyond is the kitchen counter. Frank (Rogen) is a sausage who can’t wait to move on to the great beyond with his dream partner Brend (Wiig), a bun. When the two find themselves out of their packaging separated from their friends, they start a journey through the aisles of the supermarket to find a new home. But Frank is disturbed by the story from a returned jar of honey mustard (Danny McBride) about the reality of the great beyond and ventures on a quest for truth.

After watching Sausage Party you wouldn’t think that the two directors on the film were responsible for  the Thomas the Tank series Thomas & Friends and Shrek 2, but alas they did and have now helmed one of the most outrageously rude animated films of all time that. With a voice cast that boasts Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Nick Kroll amongst others, it’s clear Sausage Party is full to the brim with comedy talent and boy do they make effective use of it.

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The innocent opening melody about the glory and destiny of the great beyond from the residents of Shopwell belies the impending unsubtle suggestive dialogue, hilarious action and no holds barred religious allegory. Yeah, you read that last point correctly, Sausage Party uses it’s unique position of talking food to bite a chunk out of the bastardised nature of religion, and poking serio-comic fun at our interpretation of it. But just because the film observes faith in a unique way, it doesn’t mean the film gets heavy. We still have a lavash feuding with a bagel, a douche causing supermarket wide rampage, and a musical legend immortalised in animation.

Sausage Party is one of the most wacky yet inventive comedies you’ll ever feast upon. It’s animation may be skin deep, but it’s comedy is not. It’s satirically salacious, and uproariously funny. Don’t miss it.


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