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Deepwater Horizon Review


Inspired by a true story of real life heroes

Directed by Peter Berg and starring his new muse Mark Wahlberg, Deepwater Horizon follows the events of the disastrous oil spill in April 2010 that resulted in 11 casualties, an exploding oil rig and the worst recorded oil catastrophe in history. In the film Wahlberg plays electronics technician Mike Williams, who alongside a brave crew risked their lives to save others aboard the oil rig, and try to stop the oil leak.

As far as true story films go, Deepwater Horizon serves as a stark reminder to the fatal consequences of greed and negligence. For every second the film entertains us with the survival action of a disaster film, it also provides a harrowing account of what the men and women who worked on the rig went through on that fateful day. Wahlberg continues to grow as an actor, even if his role devolves into save the day antics which he seems to play more often than not, and the supporting cast admirably fulfil their roles with ease. Kurt Russel reminds us why he is such an endearing actor and person to watch as respected boss Jimmy Harrell. Also John Malkovich also reminds us of his acting prowess at playing evil, slimy personalities as one of the BP bosses involved in the fatal cost cutting practices, and Ethan Suplee just needs to be in more films period.

Director Peter Berg does a great job of exhibiting the lives of these everyday heroes leading up to and during the disaster that pull on your heart strings well after the credit roll. In a few mere scenes with family and friends he manages to demonstrate what these men and women are fighting for when their backs are against the wall. It’s a trait Berg has managed to do brilliantly well so far in his directing career, films such as Lone Survivor, Friday Night Lights, and even HancockĀ have all contained an unforgettable heart at the core of their stories thanks to his ability to summon humanity out of his actors performances.

Deepwater HorizonĀ is a very good film, it’s only short coming is it’s reliance on the technical terms and practices that led to the disaster. This of course is understandable, but unless you knew the lingo going in you might struggle to keep up with it until things go bang. Overall Deepwater Horizon is as entertaining as it is despairing, and another fine film under the belt of Peter Berg.

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2 thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon Review

  1. Enjoyed the film a lot, it’seems a lot more thsn just an action/disaster movie. I could have watched a whole film just based around that first half an hour on the rig, the misheard conversations, the technical language mixed in with banter, and the overheard in-jokes. And the power play between the corporate management and the “workers” was great as well.


    Posted by James Laycock | October 23, 2016, 13:48


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