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Perusing Prime: Halloween 2016

Stuck for something to watch this Halloween? Well have no fear, we’ve dug through Amazon Primes horror films for better, and for worse, to tell you what is worth watching this Halloween.

The Hallow

Dir. Corin Hardy

the-hallowAfter moving to a remote part of Ireland to complete work as a tree surgeon in an old mill house, a man and his family are constantly warned by the locals about the dangers of the surrounding forest. After failing to heed their warnings they find themselves terrorised by something lurking in the woods around. Taking the lead in the film is Joseph Mawle

Corin Hardy made a name for himself following the release of The Hallow and for good reason, it’s an enjoyably creepy trip through the Irish countryside full of surprise and nastiness. It might be slightly predictable at times but it’s still a blast of fresh air from the independent horror scene. The film also features Joseph Mawle in the lead role, and for those Game of Thrones fans amongst you he plays Benjen Stark!

Dead Rising: The Watchtower

Dir. Zach Lipovsky

dead-risingThe film is set in the same universe as the Dead Rising games, and is set between the second and thir entries of the series. As a zombie outbreak rampages through the town of East Mission, Oregon, reporter Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe) is stuck in the middle of it all reporting the story with his camera woman.

Not even a film that isn’t a strict adaptation of a game but an extension of the franchise can shake the curse of game to film crossovers. Dead Rising: Watchtower is boring, overlong, contains stupid dialogue and is a far cry from the fun loving rollercoaster games it is based on. A total misfire.


Dir. Adam Schindler

intrudersAnna, a severly agropobic woman is confined to her own house and alone following the death of her brother. During his funeral three thieves break in to rob the house looking for a large sum of money, not knowing Anna is home. Unable to flee she must find a way to survive, however unknown to the robbers there is more hiden in the house than money.

Intruders is a great premise ruined by poorly executed events and story. The cat and mouse game that occurs initially between the robbers and Anna relies on head shaking idiocy on behalf of the invading party. Then once the intrigue and mystery has disapted there is noting left but your basic home invasion film.

Insidious: Chapter 3

Dir. Leigh Whannell

insidious-3Set before the first two films, Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) thinks she can feel the spirit of her mother trying to get in touch with her. After unsuccsfully calling out to her she attracts a demonic spirit that will stop at nothing to claim her. Lin Shaye reprises her role as Elise Rainer, but she’s broken following the death of her husband and must pull herself round in order to save Quinn.

Leigh Whannell took over directorial duties from friend James Wan for the this entry which is quite easily one of the best third entries in a horror franchise. Utilising it’s trademark chilling music with some wonderfully deft direction he channels the same spirit of the first two films  and though it doesn’t quite achieve the same frightening heights of them it comes very close.


Dir. Jon Watts

clownKent, a real estate agent is left to find a replacement clown at late notice for his sons birthday party after the act they hired can’t make it. Whilst sorting out the his latest property he comes across an old clown suit and tackles the role himself, but after the party Kent can’t seem to get the suit off, at all.

Jon Watts is on the fast track to star director, following from adapting his short Clown into this feature length film in 2014, he then directed Cop Car in 2015 and as a result is now directing the new Spider-Man film Spider-Man: Homecoming. Anyway, I digress. Though Clown has its faults it’s a wonderfully macabre independent film that deserves your attention. It’s inventive and darkly comic and has all the qualities of a cult classic. Easily one of the best new horrors I’ve watched in recent years.


Dir. Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, Radio Silence

southboundA new horror anthology that contains five interlocked stories that take place along a desolate stretch of road. Strangers running from mysterious figures that hunt them, a band are taken into a weird house following a breakdown, and a man involved in a hit and run are just some of the strands that take place in the film.

We covered this film recently in our favourite horror anthologies where it made quite the impression, and it is certainly worth your time. It’s new, swift, and packs quite the violent punch in some of it’s segments. It leaves more questions than answers sometimes, and it’s a touch more serious than your usual horror anthology, but if you like your collections of short horror stories then look no further.

The Green Inferno

Dir. Eli Roth

green-infernoA group of peaceful protestors head to Peru to campaign against the pilfering of the Amazon rainforest for natural resources and the butchery of local indiginous tribes. Following the success of the protest their small plane fails on the way home and they crash land in the middle of the jungle. Almost immediately a native tribe takes them in, but not for help, for dinner.

Eli Roth made the The Green Inferno as a homage to the brutal exploitation films such as Cannibal Holocaust (which contains a film within a film called The Green Inferno) and Cannibal Ferox, and he does a decent job at it too…sometimes. Though it’s not a genre that needed recalling. When the film is most effective is when it is the most depraved, dismembering and sacrificing survivors without batting an eyelid. But when it isn’t effective is when the dialogue is shockingly hammy and the acting remarkably questionable (which is all the time, with the exception of Lorenza Izzo), and just when it hits you in the gut they go and get the tribe high on peruvian marijuana. If you like your violent exploitation flicks then you’ll get a kick out this, but it blows it’s load far too soon.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

Dir. Kiah Roache- Turner

wyrmwoodA zombie apocalypse has struck, and the roads of a couple of survivors entwine as they seek a way out of the madness. Following the tragic death of his family Barry, a well versed mechanic, sets out on the road to save his sister from the same fate. On his way he discovers there is more to fear than just the dead.

Australia have done it again, another stonking horror film added to the genre and one coming from a genre that is as tired as time itself. There is nothing necessarily remarkable about Wyrmwood, it just does everything really well and on a miniscule budget they’ve done a cracking job. Kiah Roache-Turner’s directorial debut is bonkers, frantic and full of madness. It’s the best new zombie film to rear it’s undead head in a long time, so if you’re looking for a daft dose of horror then look no further.

And that brings us to the end of our foray into what Amazon Prime has to offer this Halloween season. It was a better, more enjoyable scavenge then Netflix was into the weird and wonderful world of horror, and we hope you find something to entertain you.

For more Halloween/Horror coverage check out our Negotiating Netflix: Halloween 2016 article to see what horror films they have on offer. Or how about how we ranked the Halloween Franchise from start to finish? We’ve even listed our favourite Horror Anthologies for your perusal, not to mention 10 fun horror films to watch this Halloween. Get involved!


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