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The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 4 Review



We’re back to Alexandria for the first time this season as the latest episode “Service” takes us back to the main groups home base, but they don’t have long to recover before Negan is knocking on their door. The tragic events of the first episode continue to reverberate through the story and characters as the leader of the Saviours unexpectedly visit Alexandria. In order to enforce control and keep the group guessing, Negan turns up at Alexandria with his motley crew to take whatever they fancy. Bringing a dishevelled Daryl in tow the Saviours take guns, mattresses, and an assortment of other items, whilst rubbing it in the faces of helpless Alexandrian residents.

Though we find ourselves back with the main group the primary story is still stuttering, with each episode feeling like a single event. On the other side of the coin much needed character development is under way for Michonne, Rosita and Spencer. Though the episode plays well, it’s contains a few issues. The first issue is every bit of humanity injected into Dwight in the previous episode is tossed aside in this one. The second is Enid, the show completely forgot about her after she was locked in a closet last season, and now she just appears as a point of focus for some greasy slime of a saviour. The third, where the heck is Heath or Tara? The latter featured in the teasers for this season but we still don’t have any clues 4 episodes in. This is somewhat disconcerting because it’s another story arc to take into consideration and right now that is not what we need. The world of The Walking Dead is getting bigger but I can’t help but feel there are some teething issues in giving all areas and characters due diligence.

That being said, the episode contains some great moments. From the unspoken emotion between Rick and Daryl, Rosita’s fire for revenge, and Michonne’s struggle to concede. They all work very well as the group attempt to come to terms with their present situation. Overall “Service” is a decent episode that details Negan’s methods, whilst also showing how the group are reacting to his rule. However in terms of an overall story, bits and pieces are being missed demonstrating the massive task the show runners have in covering all these new characters and places.



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