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Allied Review

allied-filmRobert Zemeckis directs this World War II spy thriller that features Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard as a Canadian intelligence officer and French resistance fighter who fall for each other during a mission to assassinate a Nazi officer in 1942.

Brad Pitt stars as Max Vatan, an intelligence officer sent into French Morocco to take down a Nazi officer. As part of his mission he must join Marion Cotillard’s resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour. Together the pair must pose as a married couple to get close to their target and remain undetected. As the mission goes on, and the two get close and fall for each other. However reports coming from Max’s superiors are claiming that Marianne might actually be an undercover German spy. As a result he must comply with their orders, against his will, to uncover if she is working with the enemy.

World War II thrillers and mystery spy films aren’t new genres, so the revelation of whether Marianne is a German spy or not is somewhat irrelevant, it’s all about the journey it takes you on to find out. Thankfully Robert Zemeckis has the ability to craft a really good film, making Allied a thoroughly entertaining addition to the roster set during the Second World War. Zemeckis shows glimpses of his dramatic flare whilst the couple scope out surroundings in Casablanca, though it’s less evident after they leave the picturesque locale and settle in England, a few brief glimpses of The Blitz aside.

The films biggest issue, and it’s a big one, is the cold chemistry between its two leads. Pitt’s acting is really stilted, and he only looks at ease whilst engaged in espionage. Cotillard’s acting is significantly better, but in a tango you can only be as good as your partner. As the two characters feel out one another unsure of their allegiances it works, but when they get together there is still complete lack of connection between the two emotionally that you just can’t buy into it fully. That being said Allied is a still a nice capable World War II thriller with enough solid direction and drama to gloss over the the lacklustre relationship at the heart of the story.


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