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Kong: Skull Island – A Tale of Two Trailers


The trailer is an art form in and of itself, it’s not as important as the final product but it plays a big part of how we all anticipate, and even perceive a film once we see it. A well constructed trailer leaves you salivating to see a film without giving much away, bad trailers give away everything and you loose interest. Unfortunately there are more bad trailers than good, and Kong: Skull Island is the latest to suffer.

Last year Terminator Genisys was a perfect example of how not to do a marketing campaign. It’s teaser trailer was over 2 minutes long, making it everything but a teaser. The following trailers and posters then gave away the John Connor as a machine reveal, leaving the film with absolutely no surprises at all. You’d think marketing teams would have seen these atrocities, but alas the team at Warner Bros seem to have been completely ignorant of others shortcomings, which is evidenced by the latest trailer for Kong: Skull Island.

Back in the summer of 2016 the first trailer for the film dropped, and it was everything a trailer should be. Despite being over 2 minutes it gives very little away, Kong is only seen in outlines and glimpses making it reminiscent of the trailers for Godzilla. The trailer is packed full of scintillating imagery from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, it teases an salivating cast, and it has a score brimming with dread. Check it out below…

Good right? Now considering Warner Bros are obviously lining up Kong to square off against Godzilla in the future this puts them in the right direction. However then they dropped the mind boggling trailer 2 in November. Despite running only about 15 seconds longer than the first trailer they’ve given up so much more information than they needed, and it is so different tonally. The menacing nature of the first trailer gives way to an unnecessary comedy angle, and almost becomes the John C. Reilly show just as much as it is the Kong show. Have a watch below…

Multiple trailers are made usually to ensure the distributors have enticed as many demographics of people who’ll pay to see the film, but this often leads to unnecessary reveals. Now admittedly the second trailer isn’t horrible, there are more signs of great camera work, but it throws a lot of the strengths of the first one out of the window and is a bit of a mess. It also looks like they’ve repackaged elements of Godzilla, big misunderstood monster fights off big evil monsters as humans struggle to understand what is going on and interfere as per usual. Quite honestly these two trailers feel like two different films. The tension has dissipated, we see Kong too much, and John C. Reilly’s character feels misplaced. Remember Laurence Fishburne in Predators, he feels like the same plot device to explain what is going on. This is by no means indicative of what the film will be like, but we barely even hear from what seem to be on the outside the two leads in Tom Hiddlestone and Brie Larson.

As the film is not released until March 2017, no doubt we’ll get another trailer and hopefully it’s a lot better than this.

How do you feel about the two trailers? Good? Bad? Ugly?

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