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The Mummy Trailer is Here!


For those not in the know, Universal Pictures are rebooting The Mummy franchise with a new film starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond), Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle) and Russel Crowe. Writer/director Alex Kurtzman who has wrote such films as Transformers, Mission:Impossible III, and Star Trek Into Darkness is at the helm of the new film.

Why reboot The Mummy we hear you ask, well considering The Mummy Returns hasn’t dated well, and Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was…poor, the time is probably right for a new twist on an old tale. Also believe it or not, Universa have a plan. In an effort to obviously make franchises and money, they also want to jump in on the interconnected film universe craze that was so trendily set by Marvel films recently. Seemingly their effort to do that, because they don’t own any significant superhero properties, is to create a world where the classic movie monsters exist together. As a horror fan I’m down with that as it provides an interesting alternative to superhero mashups. Also should they be successful in their endeavours they can legitimately play ‘The Monster Mash’ as a song for the trailer. I digress…

Originally Dracula Untold seemed to be the platform for which they hope to launch this mission, unfortunately it wasn’t that great. Who knows we might still see Luke Evans and Charles Dance in the future, especially since Evans has rose to prominence since the film bowed in 2014. However though Tom Cruise isn’t playing a character of note, Russell Crowe is playing Dr. Henry Jekyll, signalling intentions for what may come. However without further adieu, below is the teaser for The Mummy, rising from it’s sarcophagus in 2017.

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