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56 Days, 56 Christmas Films: Day 37 – Krampus

So, we’ve had a few cuddly family Christmas films recently, time now for something a bit more sinister.

And today it’s…

6th December, Day 37

Krampus (Michael Dougherty, 2015)


Tom and Sarah Engel (Adam Scott and Toni Collette) are setting up for a family Christmas with their kids Beth (Stefania LaVie Owen) and Max (Emjay Anthony). David Koechner and Allison Tolman play the in-laws Howard and Linda, who bring along their four children to the Engel’s household. Also joining them for Christmas is Sarah and Linda’s aunt Dorothy (Two and a Half Men’s Conchata Ferrell) and Tom’s German mother Omi, played by Krista Stadler. This many people under one roof leads to a fractious Christmas, as petty rivalries lead to unpleasantness and a distinct lack of seasonal cheer.

The Engel’s son Max is unhappy that the family is not getting along properly, and when one of his mischievous cousins steals his letter to Santa and humiliates him by reading it in front of the family, he gives up completely on Christmas. He rips up his letter to Santa… but by doing so, he invokes the wrath of Krampus, the Germanic demon who punishes naughty children at Christmas. The family find themselves under attack – can they survive this particular night before Christmas?


The family prepare themselves for Krampus

Although Krampus has been rather over saturated in America media recently (America Dad, The Office and The League all did episodes mentioning him), this is a film I am very happy to have included on this list. For me, modern horror films rely too much on jump scares, and although there are plenty of them, it is the maliciousness of the film that really makes this stand out. The Engel’s relatives are not just horrible, they are genuinely and deliberately nasty and mean-spirited, with one line about “store bought cookies” being a particularly snide comment. The punishments Krampus doles out is well deserved!

Also, for a relatively small budget, Krampus looks very good indeed, with a particularly impressive early blizzard (or series of blizzards) that herald Krampus’ arrival, leaping from house to house in imposing fashion. There’s also a proper, satisfying, and slightly heart-wrenching ending to the film, with an impressive final show down. No spoilers but it follows the story line to its proper ending!

Dan reviewed this on its release last year, and praised it a lot. Similarly, I found this to be a very enjoyable film. The things it gets right far outnumber the few missteps, and although it slightly meanders into rather bland, generic horror fare in the middle, I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good Christmas horror.

Plus it ends with Bright Eyes’ version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, which is obviously an added bonus!

Overall, I give this

4 gold rings

4 Gold Rings Out of 5

A slightly slow middle is all that lets this film down.

I’ve not watched a classic Christmas film for a while, so tomorrow on the Countdown from Halloween to Christmas it is WHITE CHRISTMAS!

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

that's all folks

PS Here’s my list so far

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5th December, Day 36: Santa Claus: The Movie
6th December, Day 37: Krampus



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