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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer – Is that Unicron?

The latest chapter in robotic vehicular mayhem, Transformers: The Last Knight, is due out next year and it now has a trailer which leaves us with a few questions.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, here is the first trailer for the film.

Love them or hate them the Transformers franchise makes money, and as long as it keeps making it we’ll unlikely see an end to their production. So rather than moan about how likely it is latest instalment will be a bit rubbish, lets have a look at what we can look forward to.

Was that Unicron?

There is a high possibility what we saw was the mammoth transformer known as Unicron, a planet sized robot that devours worlds. Though we won’t know for certain until closer to release (it was a planet sized robot that looked like it was swallowing a planet), what we do know is that producer Akiva Goldsman created a writers room to specifically extend the universe of Transformers. The mission? To ensure this gravy train never ends. The room included fresh talent such as Zak Penn, Steven S. DeKnight, an Jeff Pinkner, and considering they’ve mined fan favourites such as the Dinobots in Transformers: Age of Extinction, you’ve got to believe that Unicron was brought up. It’s not like the fans have been clamouring for it’s appearance for years….

Optimus Prime the Decepticon?

Unlikely. But despite the fact the trailer tries to play the angle of Optimus Prime is gone floating in space, absent from duty, he is thrown in at the end about to beat down on Bumblebee. If one was to observe the teaser poster for the film, and the purple eyes of Optimus, one might believe he’s turned Decepticon. Either that or if we do in fact have Unicron on it’s way, then Optimus Prime could be filling the shoes that Galvatron wore in the brilliant Transformers: The Movie. In other words, working for Unicron. I’d like to think what I just spewed out there is hogwash, but you never know how Michael Bay and Paramount might continue to bastardise our beloved autobots and decepticons.

Megatron’s Makeover

Frank Welker is listed in the IMDB cast list as voicing Megatron which is cool. But in case you don’t remember the last time we saw Megatron, well he’d literally lost his head which was being used to create the abomination of the character that was supposed to be Galvatron. As for Galvatron, he did the old “I’ll be back for revenge” at the end of the last film, so he has to be somewhere right? Anyway Megatron is back with a shiny looking upgrade thanks to some unknown mysterious force.

Who is Anthony Hopkins playing?

Does he actually know why the Transformers keep coming to Earth? And is he just another human villain? Who knows.

That’s all we have for now but it is the first trailer after all so we could speculate all day and night. If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns from what you saw in the trailer do let us know. We can speculate together!

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