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56 Days, 56 Christmas Films: Day 49 – Silent Night, Deadly Night

So, some of the best films on this list have been the horror ones, which means I reckon it’s time for one more before we go into our final week.

And today it’s…

18th December, Day 49

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Charles E. Sellier Jr, 1984)

silent night, deadly night

On Christmas Eve, the Campbell family go to visit their Grandpa in Utah Mental Facility. He is unresponsive to any stimuli, sitting comatose in his chair, but when young Billy is left alone with him, he suddenly starts talking to him. Grandpa asks if Billy is looking forward to Christmas and if he has been good this year. Grandpa tells Billy that Christmas is the scariest night of the year, because Santa only gives presents to good children, and that he punishes bad children. And if Billy has been naughty this year, then he should be very afraid!

On the way home, the Campbell family stop their car to help a broken down car with a Santa stood next to it.The Santa is a murderous criminal however, and he shoots Billy’s father and attempts to rape his mother, before slicing her throat. Billy escapes and watches from a ditch as the Santa calls for him.

Three years later, Billy is living in an orphanage, run by the strict Mother Superior. When drawing a picture for Christmas, Billy is sent to see the head nun when his picture of Santa and Reindeer being murdered is surprisingly deemed inappropriate! Billy is put in detention, but sneaks out. The Mother Superior catches him spying on a couple having sex, and after punishing them, she tells Billy that naughty people should be punished, and that punishment is good. He is then spanked for being naughty. Later on, Billy punches a Santa Claus that is visiting the kids!

Billy with the left hook! Santa is down!

A decade later, an adult Billy gets a job working at a local toy store, and it seems to be going well, until he is made to dress up as Santa Claus by his boss. Later that night he sees a coworker being raped, and his fragile mind snapped. Dressed as Santa Claus he wraps Christmas light around the man’s neck and lifts him up, killing him. He then kills the woman, and sets off on a murderous spree. Who can survive this Deadly Night?

There are plenty of different films in this Christmas Countdown, and this is a Christmas Slasher film. Black Christmas is a very early slasher film which helped set up the genre, but this is a more standard slasher film. There is some dodgy acting throughout the film, but it gives you everything you want in a slasher film. The gore is actually rather tame by 2016 standards, but the twisted sense that runs through the film is satisfying macabre.

Overall, I give this

3 Gold Rings Out of 5

A slightly dated slasher film, but it is slightly better than the standard video nasties of the era.

Tomorrow I’m into my last week, and it’s time for another comedy with Steve Martin in MIXED NUTS

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

that's all folks

PS Here’s my list so far

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1st November, Day 2: Rocky IV
2nd November, Day 3: Edward Scissorhands
3rd November, Day 4: Trading Places
4th November, Day 5: Batman Returns
5th November, Day 6: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
6th November, Day 7: Gremlins
7th November, Day 8: Eyes Wide Shut
8th November, Day 9: Love Actually
9th November, Day 10: Lethal Weapon
10th November, Day 11: Die Hard / Die Hard 2
11th November, Day 12: About A Boy
12th November, Day 13: Trapped In Paradise
13th November, Day 14: Reindeer Games
14th November, Day 15: Joyeux Noel
15th November, Day 16: Nativity / Nativity 2 / Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?
16th November, Day 17: Jack Frost
17th November, Day 18: Jack Frost
18th November, Day 19: Arthur Christmas
19th November, Day 20: The Santa Clause / The Santa Clause 2 / The Santa Clause 3
20th November, Day 21: Miracle On 34th Street
21st November, Day 22: Miracle On 34th Street 
22nd November, Day 23: Scrooged
23rd November, Day 24: Scrooge
24th November, Day 25: The Muppets Christmas Carol
25th November, Day 26: Elf
26th November, Day 27: Home Alone / Home Alone 2
27th November, Day 28: The Grinch
28th November, Day 29: Black Christmas
29th November, Day 30: Jingle All The Way
30th November, Day 31: Rare Exports
1st December, Day 32: Polar Express
2nd December, Day 33: A Christmas Story
3rd December, Day 34: Bad Santa
4th December, Day 35: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
5th December, Day 36: Santa Claus: The Movie
6th December, Day 37: Krampus
7th December, Day 38: Christmas With The Kranks
8th December, Day 39: White Christmas
9th December, Day 40: A  Very Harold and Kumar Christmas
10th December, Day 41: Christmas With The Coopers
11th December, Day 42: Fred Claus
12th December, Day 43: Santa’s Little Helper
13th December, Day 44: Santa With Muscles
14th December, Day 45: Santa’s Slay
15th December, Day 46: Four Christmases
16th December, Day 47: A Christmas Horror Story
17th December, Day 48: The Family Man
18th December, Day 49: Silent Night, Deadly Night!


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