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Nicolas Cage in 2017

Continuing Cage Week,  a week long celebration of one of our favourite actors as he celebrates his 53rd birthday.

Now, we are fully aware that Nicolas Cage’s cinematic output has dwindled and he has been reduced to churning out direct to dvd films that are, let’s say of a lesser quality.  It doesn’t make watching them any less fun.  So join us as we have a look at what the great man has coming at us in 2017.

Arsenal (Steven C. Miller, 2017)

JP and Mickey are brothers who rely on each other.  JP makes something of himself and owns a construction company, but Mickey becomes a small time gangster.  When Mickey goes off the rails and fall foul of ruthless Mob Boss Eddie King, JP teams up with the brothers old friend who is now and under-cover cop in order to get him out of trouble.

Here, Cage takes on scene chewing bad guy duties as Eddie King, sporting a quite sensational wig and mustache combo, looks like we will be getting some great rage moments.  The supporting cast features John Cusack and Entourage’s Adrian Grenier.


The Humanity Bureau (Rob W. King, 2017)

This is a sci-fi action film, set in a dystopian future.  With global warming wreaking havoc and the world in the grip of a global economic recession, a government agency known as The Humanity Bureau exiles unproductive members of society to a colony called New Eden.  Cage plays an ambitious and straight laced agent Noah Kross who gets too involved in the case of single mother and her young son

Unlikely to see the inside of a cinema.

Mom and Dad (Brian Taylor, 2017)

After an unknown phenomenon turns parents against their kids, a teenage girl and her little brother must survive the night….

Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair star in this horror film.  Little is known, other than the synopsis, but I imagine Cage will use his rage talents if he is indeed turned into some kind of child hating zombie.  I have a feeling we have another direct to dvd film on our hands here.

Looking Glass (Dori Oskowitz, 2017)

We are in mystery territory here.  Cage is Ray, he and his wife buy a deserted motel following a tragedy.  They soon find some strange goings on, particularly around one of the most frequently requested rooms.  Expect plenty of pensive looks and frowning.  Rage opportunities appear to be few and far between.

Inconceivable (Jonathon Baker, 2017)

The story of a woman fleeing an abusive relationship comes to a small town.  She is immediately treated with suspicion by the women of the town.

Not much is known, beyond the cast, which includes Faye Dunaway, Gina Gershon and WWE superstar Eva Marie.  If Cage is cast in the abuser role, the chance of some classic Rage is high.

Vengeance: A Love Story (Johnny Martin, 2017)

Based on a novel, Cage plays a Gulf War veteran who seeks vengeance on those who tormented a single mother.

Again, not much is known beyond the basic plot, but the chance of rage are high and Don Johnson is in the cast, so I am hopeful for a good on screen confrontation between the two.

Well, a real mixed bag in there with only Arsenal providing any real details.  I am doubting that any of these will grace our local multiplex, but I can guarantee that The Snooty Ushers will track them down and watch them.  Who is with us?

Thanks for reading.  Hope you folks enjoyed yourselves, catch ya later on down the trail.

Sam Elliot


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Favourite Film : Ghostbusters (1984) Worst Film: Left Behind (2014) Guilty Pleasure: Pitch Perfect (2012) 40 year old family man from Hamilton, Scotland. I have settled in Gateshead with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Worked as a Cinema Manager (or glorified usher) for 14 years, now I run a chicken shop. Love Sport especially Football and Tennis. Love comic books, especially DC and particularly Superman. I own 58 Nicolas Cage films.


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