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TV Film Of The Week – 20th January

Welcome to the TV Film of the Week – the name says it all! It’s Friday, and we’re back to normal service after last week’s Nicolas Cage inspired single pick.

Let’s get straight to it and run down this week’s recommendations!

NB since we are all still ushers at heart, our weeks will start on a Friday.

So, our TV Film of the Week is:

(BBFC Rating 18, Danny Boyle, 1995)


Channel 4
Sunday 22nd January, 22:05

With the sequel about to hit the cinemas, what better time to look back at one of British cinemas best films of the 90s? Renton, Sickboy, Spud and Begbie are a  group of mates dealing with being young men in Edinburgh.

An alternative choice, our other TV Film of the Week is….

Escape To Vicotory
BBFC Rating PG, John Huston, 1981


Channel 5
Saturday 21st January, 12:05

Michael Caine is a British Officer who is forced to put together a team of POWs to play an exhibition match against the best of Nazi Germany. Sylvester Stallone is an American spy determined to escape, and the team mates involve a collection of 70s and 80s footall legends including Pele and Ossie Ardiles. Justy a brilliant sports film!

For your consideration

And since I’m here, these are my thoughts on the best of the rest:

Little Nicky (BBFC Rating 12, Steven Brill, 2000) – One of Adam Sandler’s comedy successes, as he is the kind hearted son of the Devil who has to go to Earth to try and save it from his brothers. 5*, Saturday 21st January, 19:15

Looper (BBFC Rating 15, Rian Johnson, 2012) – Joseph Gordon-Lovitt is an assassin who kills people sent back in time, until one day his target is his future self. Can he “close the loop?”. BBC2, Saturday 21st January, 22:30

Jaws (BBFC Rating PG, Stephen Spielberg, 1975) – The first “modern blockbuster” is still a cracking film 4 decades on, although of course, it’s not actually a film about a shark. ITV4, Saturday 21st January, 23:00

Grand Budapest Hotel (BBFC Rating 15, Wes Anderson, 2012) – A beautiful film that has Ralph Fiennes giving a fine performance as M. Gustav, the brilliant concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel. Film4, Sunday 22nd January, 21:00

School Of Rock (BBFC Rating PG, Richard Linklater, 2003) – Slacker Jack Black takes a substitute teacher job and teches the school kids how to rock. And if you want to be the teachers pet…. E4, Monday 23rd January, 20:00

The Wind Rises (BBFC Rating PG, Hayao Miyazaki, 2013) -Miyazaki’s last film is a personal one, about an aeroplane designer who becomes disillusioned when his planes are used for war. Well worth setting the VHS for.  Film4, Tuesday 24th January, 01:15

Apocalypto (BBFC Rating 18, Mel Gibson, 2006) -This may be a controversial thing to say, but this is the best Yucatec Maya language film I have seen. A remarkable film as a young man is chased through the jungle when he escapes a human sacrifice ritual. Film4, Wednesday 25th January, 23:15

There we go, we hope there’s something you like in there! See you next week when The Snooty Ushers choose their TV Film Of The Week!

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

that's all folks

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