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Fan Cast – Doctor Who: The Thireenth Doctor

Who will be number 13?


With the rumours of Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who being confirmed by the man himself, now is as good a time as any to speculate about who could be the next Doctor. Capaldi has been an excellent addition to the series (“Heaven Sent” was an amazing episode), but like each of his predecessors, he will hand the role over to another actor. In the past, like football chairmen picking new managers, the people in charge of casting the Doctor have tended to try and pick someone markedly different from the previous incarnation. Peter Capaldi himself took over from the youngest ever Doctor. However, a new show runner in Chris Chibnall means that pretty much everything is up for grabs.


No pressure…

But the question is… who? I’ve picked out my ten names (of varying degrees of likehood admittedly) that I would like to see take on the role and given my thoughts.

So, let’s get to it:

Idris Elba


Yes, he would make a phenomenal Doctor, but we all know it’s not going to happen. A huge Hollywood career beckons for the Londoner, as much as I would like to see it, we have to look at the other options. I’ve included him here rather than in the later section because he would be my number 1, money no object choice for the role.
Chance of being the next Doctor: Very, very unlikely

Ben Whishaw

Cloud Atlas - Gala Screening

As of right now, Q from the Bond franchise is the betting favourite. Another actor who would be great for the role, but I can’t imagine he would have time for Doctor Who’s production schedule.
Chance of being the next Doctor: Very unlikely

Rory Kinnear


Whishaw’s Skyfall cast mate could be a more realistic option. He has been heavily linked with the role the last two times it has come up, and was apparently offered the role before Capaldi became available in 2013 and became the obvious choice. His role in the first episode of Black Mirror show that he does have the ability to lead a cast (even though that was a one off) and Penny Dreadful has widened his international fame. That show has just wrapped up, so could he be number 13?
Chance of being the next Doctor: Perhaps…

Hayley Atwell


It seems strange that of all the weird and whacky things that the Doctor will do in the upcoming series, being female is seen as by far the most controversial. If the BBC could tempt the star of Agent Carter, it would be a huge get for the show, and fudging whatever lore that prevents this fictional character changing sex would take literally one line of dialogue. And didn’t Michelle Gomez’s Missy already sort of do that? Surely too big a name though, and anyway, there’s a much better alternative…
Chance of being the next Doctor: Unlikely

Olivia Colman


Having already worked with new show runner Chris Chibnall and Tenth Doctor David Tennant on Broadchurch, if Colman was a man she would be a certainty for this role, like Tennant was after Russel T. Davies’ Casanova. She’s obviously got serious acting chops, is a very funny woman, and has built her profile steadily.
Chance of being the next Doctor: Likely (hopefully)

Ben Daniels


Strongly linked with the role after Matt Smith’s departure, Daniels has actually spent the last three years building a career in America. A role in House of Cards, the lead in ballet miniseries Flesh and Bone, and now a role in The Exorcist probably push him out of the BBC’s price range. Maybe the call of the TARDIS would lure him back to these shores?
Chance of being the next Doctor: American TV commitments make it unlikely

Russell Tovey

russell tovey.jpg

He has just started to break out in America, currently starring in the second season of Quantico on ABC. However, his role as George in Being Human was brilliant, and he has a theatre background that would give him gravitas. Grab him while you can BBC! (I’ve not included Tovey’s Being Human counterpart Aiden Turner because he is too busy with Poldark, and will be moving to Hollywood soon as well!)
Chance of being the next Doctor: More likely one year ago, now pretty unlikely

Hugh Laurie


Well, he’s not doing House anymore, so he might be available! He would be fantastic in the role, his serious acting over the last decade or more means he brings the gravitas, but he’s certainly got the comedic talent to deal with the lighter moments. If not for Capaldi, I think Laurie would have made a great “older” doctor.
Chance of being the next Doctor: Unfortunately remote

Rowan Atkinson

rowan atkinson 2.jpg

Another British actor who would seem to be free for the role, if he wanted to make the commitment. Blackadder, Mr Bean, Johnny English… does Mr Atkinson want one more iconic role on his resume? Again, wanting to differentiate from Capaldi will hurt any chance of this happening.
Chance of being the next Doctor: Like Laurie, unfortunately remote

Jason Statham

Jason Statham

What? A man can dream, can’t he?
Chance of being the next Doctor: In my mind, he is already punching Daleks back into extinction.

All the others:

Since almost every famous British actor under the sun is linked with the role, I tought I’d include this. I’d love to see any of the likes of Chiwetel Ejifor, Tom Hiddlestone, Tim Roth, Simon Pegg, Michael Sheen, Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Grant, or Damien Lewis take on the role, but Doctor Who is pretty much a full-time role, and no movie star can afford to take at least three years away from the middle of their career. Similarly Toby Kebbell, Matthew Goode, Andrew Scott, Riz Ahmed, and Daniel Kaluuya, I just don’t see them committing to the role long enough to make an impression, and think they are just slightly too high profile to take it.

And finally, two for the future


Alex Lawther – excellent in Black Mirror and The Imitation Game, has an engimatic quality that could make him the perfect (counts on fingers) Seveneenth Doctor


Luke Newberry – Star of In The Flesh, plus small roles in Sherlock and Harry Potter, could they mark him out as a future genre actor?

It looks like it’s between Rory Kinnear and Olivia Coleman then, but to be honest it could be anyone! The producers could throw a shedload of money at someone from Game of Thrones or pick someone totally left field like Richard Ayoade, David Mitchell, or Matt Di Angelo. Or someone slightly older who I’ve not even considered on here like Peterson Joseph, Jason Flemyng, or David Harewood. Anyway, between that and the huge list in the All The Others section, I think I’ve covered my back enough now!

But that’s my take, but what do you think? We will find out soon enough!

Until next time, stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.


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2 thoughts on “Fan Cast – Doctor Who: The Thireenth Doctor

  1. I’m actually hoping for a young one this time, with a British accent of course!

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    Posted by Renate | January 31, 2017, 13:58
  2. Reblogged this on I'm All Outta Bubblegum and commented:

    Back in January, I gave my thoughts on who should be the Thirteenth Doctor. With the BBC about to officially announce Peter Capaldi’s replacement, why not have a laugh at just how far I was off the mark?


    Posted by James is Outta Bubblegum | July 16, 2017, 12:59

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