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Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who

The 12th Doctor will be leaving after the next Christmas Special.


Last night on Jo Wiley’s Radio 2 show, Peter Capaldi confirmed rumours that he will be leaving Doctor Who. After taking over from Matt Smith  at the end of series 7 in 2013, Capaldi will be regenerating during the 2017 Christmas special, following the 10th season that starts around Easter time.

With Steve Moffat leaving the series as head writer at the same time, Capaldi is following in the footsteps of 10th Doctor David Tennant, who departed the series alongside Russell T. Davies in 2009 (which make me feel very old!). Broadchurch creator (and Torchwood head writer) Chris Chibnall will be stepping into the show runner role, and probably his very first order of business will be to find a new Doctor.


Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi

With Pearl Mackie yet to properly join Dr Who as the newest assistant, there will probably be some kind of continuity with her character, although that remains to be seen. Like Moffat, Chibnall could start with a totally blank slate.

Capaldi was the oldest actor to take on the role, and took over from the youngest (Matt Smith was only 26 when he was announced), which makes for an interesting 2 halves to Moffat’s reign. For all his critics, Moffat delivered big time when it came to the 50th anniversary celebrations (with the sadly departed John Hurt as the War Doctor), and managed to work around the regeneration limit in a way that wasn’t too egregious.  The two series that Capaldi has worked on so far have had some of the absolute all time gems, especially “Heaven Sent”, but despite a few missteps, Capaldi has certainly been an excellent Doctor.


Capaldi previous appeared as Caecilius in Doctor Who and John Frobisher in Torchwood

Speculation is already rife about who will be number 13, including between the Snooty Ushers! What Oscar winner Peter Capaldi does next will also definitely be worth watching. Could Malcolm Tucker have something to say about the current political climate? We can only wait and see.

Until next time, stay gold Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

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