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The Snooty Ushers’ Round-Up: January 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of the Snooty Ushers’ Round-Up! We’re looking back at the best (and worst) of January 2017.

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What did The Snooty Ushers think of January?

What’s the best film you’ve seen this month?


Dave: T2 Trainspotting, while it didn’t quite live up to my hopes it was a still a great film.

James: I’m struggling to split A Monster Calls and T2. Probably A Monster Calls just, but T2 was a very good film as well.

Rich: Finally got to see La La Land and it lived up to everything I had heard about it, George wrote a brilliant review on it here

Dan: Lion is the best film I’ve seen this January, but La La Land is a very close second.

And what was the worst?


James: Assassin’s Creed isn’t great, but xXx The Return Of Xander Cage is a historically bad film. So it is rubbish – it happens – and at times offensive – firmly aimed at the male teenage market so sadly it, too, happens – but this is absolutely terrible beyond all of that. Personalities change from scene to scene, and for a film that is meant to an alternative to “stuffy Bond films” it has worse double entendres than anything Roger Moore uttered. It brings to mind Die Another Day with the “star” being replaced by stuntmen very obviously. For a film that is meant to be all about extreme sports, surely that is missing the point!

Oh, and Brazilian and Barcelona footballer Neymar is in it as himself, and dies at the beginning. You can’t really do that.

Rich: I decided to watch Max Steel, a film based on a semi-popular kids franchise from 2000. The film is just another pointless attempt at a superhero film, a very hard genre to pull off in a post MCU world. Don’t waste your time on this one.

Dan: January 2017 will go down as the month where I watched two of the worst films I’ve ever seen. The Bye Bye Man and xXx: Return of Xander Cage are two eye sores of cinema that nobody should ever give the time of day.

Anything else that has caught your eye this month?


Dave: I finally caught Rogue One and absolutely loved it.  Also, took the family to see Moana, we all loved it, Disney have another winner.  Hunt For The Wilderpeople is on Netflix and it is a delight.

James: Jackie is a very good film, and I managed to catch up with Moana, a real treat. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is a great series that can either be binge-watched and consumed more naturally in convenient 2 part blocks. The OA is a strangely brilliant series as well.

Rich: I watched an artsy yet very unsettling horror called Eyes of The Mother, it’s not very often that a film sticks with me but this one left me with an odd feeling of unease for days after watching it. Also caught Moana, it’s the first time I’ve actually learned the words to a Disney song! It’s great, you should watch it, You’re welcome.

What are you looking forward to in February?


Dave: John Wick Chapter 2, definitely.  I guess I should be more up for all the Oscar stuff, but can’t really be bothered, would much rather get involved with The Lego Batman Movie.

James: The Lego Batman Movie! But the grown up in me is looking forward to Moonlight, Hidden Figures, The Founder, Fences, and A Cure For Wellness. It looks like a very good month.

Rich: I think John Wick Chapter 2 is going to be great following the breakout success of the first one. I’m mostly excited for all the TV shows coming back; The Flash, Arrow, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Supernatural.

And what are you dreading?


Dave: Would say Fifty Shades Darker here but then I remembered that I don’t work in a cinema anymore…best of luck to my fellow ushers who still do.

James: Fifty Shades Darker. Ugh.

Rich: I think i’ll be getting forced to see Fifty Shades Darker, by forced I mean taken against my will, you know? bound and gagged, hopefully blindfolded……wait a minute…?

What else has got you excited for February?


Dave: If Welshy is right, then I am looking forward to the Legion TV series, also Emerald City also starts this month and I am slightly curious about the MacGyver reboot.

James: The Santa Clarita Diet  (Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant) looks lots and lots of fun.

Rich: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, I’m excited because it’s a franchise I love, despite the failings of some movies and I’m excited because it’s THE FINAL CHAPTER, the last one. Maybe the franchise will one day get a proper reboot to faithfully stick to the games!


And with that, we are done! Let us know what have been your favourite bits of January’s offerings in the comments!

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

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