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Fan Cast – Resident Evil 7

So, with the recent rebirth of the video-game and the relative success it is having, I thought I’d have a crack at a fan cast. I’ll stay away from story spoilers because the game is absolutely brilliant and I’d urge anyone that’s a fan of the series to check it out.

Character: Ethan Winters – Actor: Ben Barnes

Ethan is the main protagonist, just a normal American guy who goes looking for his missing girlfriend and ends up in a nightmarish, hell mansion. Although we never see Ethan’s face as we play the game from his perspective, you can sort of piece together what you think he looks like through dialogue and cut scenes.  So I could be pretty off the mark with Ben Barnes but I feel he has a nice guy look and seems to fit the build of Ethan. You’ve probably seen him most recently in the TV series Westworld and films such as Chronicles of Narnia and Dorian Gray.

miaoliviaCharacter: Mia Winters – Actor: Olivia Wilde

Mia is the spouse of Ethan Winters and is the main reason this whole game comes to be. Mia is another main character and plays roles which are both good and bad. Sadly saying much more would ruin some story but it’s a very interesting dynamic the character has where intentions are not entirely clear. I chose Olivia Wilde because she has some acting chops, has a similar look to Mia and has delved into the horror/fantasy genres before. With films like Tron Legacy, The Lazarus Effect and Cowboys VS Aliens under her belt why wouldn’t I cast her?


Character: Jack Baker – Actor: JK Simmons

Jack Baker is the head of the very unsettling Baker family, war veteran and loving father. Not much is known about the family at the start of the game but what we do know is that they want to kill you, very slowly. As the game progresses we start to find out that Jack is quite a compassionate family man when he’s not hunting you down. There are 2 very distinct characters in his personality. This is why I’ve chose J.K Simmons for the role, he has proven time and time again that he is a damn good actor, from roles in La La Land, Spider-Man and the highly praised Whiplash.

lucasalexCharacter: Lucas Baker – Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

Lucas, son of the Baker Family, is very hyper active, slightly unstable and has more than a couple of screws loose. His beat involves a series of Saw-like puzzles and small arena combat which you must navigate all whilst being taunted with the objective you need to retrieve. Lucas really reminded me of Alexander Skarsgård’s character in War On Everyone. Which I suggest you check out, Dave reviewed it here. He’s got the acting chops and every films needs a bit of eye candy, even if it is full of crazy.

marg-sagalCharacter: Marguerite Baker – Actor: Katey Sagal

Marguerite Baker, the loving wife and mother. She would do anything for her family, even kill trespassers. You cross paths with Marguerite multiple times through the game and they are usually really tight, tense stealth sections, where it’s all about avoiding her line of sight and making a mad dash for the exit. For reasons I cant really go into I found Marguerite to be the creepiest of the bunch. She has an odd obsession with bugs and giant spiders…! Katey Sagal may be an odd pick here, but looking back at all her previous work it all includes being a caring mother; Married with Children, 8 Simple Rules and more recently Sons of Anarchy, in which she plays a VERY caring mother. It would be an interesting role for her to play and with a few prosthetic’s I’m sure she could pull it off.


Character: Zoey Baker – Actor: Roony Mara

A mysterious character of the Baker family. Zoe only really contacts you by phone, and you only meet her towards the end of the game. She is more of a guiding voice on your journey through the Baker mansion. For this choice I just went with an actor I enjoy watching.

Minor Characters

davealiCharacter: Cop – Actor: Mahershala Ali

A Deputy of the local police force, the Cop is investigating a string of missing persons reports all connected with the Baker mansion. You meet him very early into the game in which you have a conversation with him through the window of the house and he gives you a pocket knife in order to proceed with your objective, he helps you out in more ways than one throughout the whole game. I’ve chose Marshella Ali here because not only is he in the excellent Moonlight, but everything I’ve watched him in he has always impressed; The 4400, Luke Cage and House of Cards. He’s a fresh face to a lot of people and right now he’s very in demand.

petecageCharacter: Peter Walken – Actor: Nicolas Cage

Honestly, just kind of had to find a role in this film for the Cage and this seemed like the best fit. Peter Walken is the host of semi popular TV show Sewer Gators, a documentary series following the investigation of strange sightings in the United States. They wind up hearing about disappearances and the Baker mansion and decide to check it out. Peter seems to be a very arrogant and self-centered guy, but once things start to go bad you see his attitude change and become scared and very concerned about his friends. We’ve seen Cage play numerous involving loads of different personalities so I’m sure he would blow this out the water. (Sorry for the bad quality photo, we only see the character during a VHS recording)

andtroyCharacter: Andre Strickland – Actor: Troy Baker

Andre was an American television producer known for show running the paranormal investigation series Sewer Gators. Andre was committed to researching each location prior to filming and it was his choice to go to the dreaded Baker mansion. For this role I had to give props to Troy Baker, he’s a big voice actor in video games such as; The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and Uncharted 4 and he has also dabbled in voice acting in animated shows. With it only being a very small part i’m sure it would be a great little Easter egg to have him feature in a movie based on a video-game.

mirrenoldCharacter: Grandma Baker – Actor: Helen Mirren

Now this is an odd role to cast because the Grandma in this game doesn’t do anything. She sits there and looks at you and hums her favourite song. It’s insanely creepy. She also just appears at random points of your playthrough of the game. Sometimes creating the scariest moments. I’m sure Snooty Usher Dan can vouch for me on this one! I’ve chose Helen Mirren here as I think it would be hilarious to have such a highly esteemed actor in a role that basically sits there and does nothing. Something along the line of Stan Lee in the Marvel films.

That’s all folks, I appreciate you reading this far. I would love to go into more detail about the finer points of the game and why the plot would make for a great movie but that would spoil things. I’ll just say that it hits some brilliant story beats, The action is well paced and frantic, there’s a massive element of horror and suspense, oh and there are huge twists and revelations throughout the game. If you’ve played the game let me know what you think. Get Involved.

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6 thoughts on “Fan Cast – Resident Evil 7

  1. I wondered where Nic Cage would fit into this =P good line up of cast and I like that you included Troy Baker as well! Such a good actor and voice talent.


    Posted by ikirisutegomeni | February 12, 2017, 13:35
  2. i think jack baker should be played by stephen lang in my opinion


    Posted by robert | February 28, 2017, 02:50

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