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Prevenge Review

Alice Lowe (Sightseers) delivers an inventive British horror with a splatter of dark bloody comedy in her directorial debut Prevenge.


Towards the end of her pregnancy widow Ruth (Alice Lowe) begins to hear the voice of her unborn child speak to her, where this might be a blessing to most expecting mothers Ruth’s unborn baby is compelling her to murder people. Giving in to her child’s urge Ruth embarks on a murdering spree all the while preparing to give birth.

A wickedly deviant entry into the horror genre, Prevenge is a distinctly British film that can’t be emulated. After writing and starring in the darkly comic Sightseers Alice Lowe takes the lead in her own film, bringing with her a nerve twanging off-kilter brand of comedy that is so unique.

The opening scene is a microcosm of the film as a whole. It begins with a horribly awkward exchange of dialogue between Ruth and a wretched reptile shop owner in which Ruth is ‘shopping’ for a present for her son. After more than one thinly veiled innuendo from the reptile lover Ruth slices his throat after he promises to show her his private collection. It’s uneasy, blunt, and all together mesmerising. Ruth finds committing the crimes rather satisfying to begin with, after all the people she is being compelled to murder are rather disgusting individuals. So much so you find yourself rooting for the heavily pregnant murderer. Things however get interesting for Ruth when she encounters characters who are not so deplorable, leading her to question her actions.

As far as independent horror films go Prevenge is a dark delight, but most certainly an acquired taste. It humours you on one hand whilst forcing you to look away with the other. The perfect concoction of pitch black humour and horror, layered over the drama of impending single parenthood. As a result Alice Lowe has announced herself as one of the most promising British talents to keep your eyes on, and Prevenge a solid example of independent British film making.

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