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Rebooting Resident Evil – Who should direct the next film?

So many names, so much possibility, but who should take the reigns of a new Resident Evil film?

We’ve already discussed what the next step should/could be, and in the same vein as our fan casts (of which Rich did an ace Resident Evil 7 one) we Snooty Ushers have a ponder as to who should take the helm of any new Resident Evil film or TV show.

Dan’s Wishlist

fede-alvarezFede Alvarez

Plucked from obscurity by Sam Raimi to direct a new take on one of the most beloved cult horror series of all time in the form of Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez came out the violent wood chipper that are horror fans relatively unscathed. Evil Dead was violent and horrifying, and his next film Don’t Breathe was an exercise in nail biting tension. Both films have Alvarez on the fast track to stardom (he is even a rumoured back up for The Batman) but they also exhibit every quality that made the Resident Evil games so damn scary. If they are to start afresh with Resident Evil films and make them the horror films that they should be, rather than the action movies they became, then easily the best choice to craft that world is Fede Alvarez. My mouth is watering at the prospect of it alone.


Leigh Whannell

If you’ve read anything I’ve wrote about horror films then you’ve likely noticed I spend a lot of time praising James Wan as the preeminent horror director of our time. Before I swath him in praise once again it must be noted Leigh Whannell has been alongside him the majority of the way, providing the spine tingling stories which Wan has captured excellently on film. In 2015 Whannell made his directorial debut taking charge of Insidious: Chapter 3, and it was a damn fine creepy horror flick. Should Resident Evil need a director then Whannell has already demonstrated an aura of creeping dread throughout his films that would suit the series well.

corin-hardyCorin Hardy

This is a name that may be unfamiliar to most unless you’ve become obsessed with the never ending merry go round of directors associated with The Crow remake. Which is a shame because Corin Hardy delivered a downright entertaining horror with The Hallow, an independent horror set around a family living in the Irish country besieged by creatures in the night. Hardy obviously has potential, which is why he has been linked with the aforementioned remake of The Crow, as well as directing The Nun; a spin-off of demonic nun Valek from The Conjuring 2. What makes him such an interesting prospect is his love of practical effects which he used so well in The Hallow, which would translate well to an RE film.

mike-flanaganMike Flanagan

Flanagan has established himself as a future linchpin of the horror genre. In 2016 alone he had three horrors released; Hush, Before I Wake, and Ouija: Origin of Evil. Hush was a tense affair, and Ouija: Origin of Evil was everything that Ouija should have been. Dipping his toe into the world of Resident Evil will be a departure from the films he has worked on so far, but if he brings with him the same crafty pacing and chilling imagery he has used so far then it’ll stand him in good stead.

Rich’s Wishlist

carpenterJohn Carpenter

I’ve been a huge Carpenter fan ever since I saw his seminal piece that is Halloween  and from then on I carried on watching all of his films. He created films with elements that scream Resident Evil such as Michael Myers being a Nemesis/Mr X character, Assault on Precinct 13 could easily be Raccoon City police department, Escape from New York/L.A creates a harsh and desolate landscape very similar to Raccoon City then add all of this with his body horror effects from The Thing and Ghosts of Mars, Mix in some of his iconic soundtracks and Bob is indeed your uncle.You could very easily be looking at a great film. Now I’m taking about Carpenter in his prime, one of his last films was The Ward and well, it wasnt very good!

smithKevin Smith

This may seem like an odd choice but bear with me, Kevin Smith is a brilliant director. He’s created films that we still talk about on a day to day basis and he is still very much relevant with all of podcasts and updates he posts on social media. He’s on my wishlist for a few reasons. He builds brilliant worlds and stories on a very small scale, He has had his hand in comedy and horror and he made the brilliant (in my opinion) Red State. I think Smith would be able to tell one of the smaller stories in the Resident Evil universe. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine stuck in the Spencer mansion or Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy barricaded inside the Police department. Stick to these small stories in single places much like Red State, Mall Rats and Clerks did. Resident Evil can sometimes be very campy and comedic and this only bolsters my decision of Kevin Smith.

evansGareth Evans

Evans feels relatively new to the scene but lets just run down the list of films he’s done. Footsteps, The Raid, The Raid 2 and a short in V/H/S 2 called Safe Haven. This guy holds the keys to making a brilliant horror/thriller. From his downright dirty debut with Footsteps, to the hyper violent Raid films and on to his bloodcurdling short Safe Haven. I get that The Raid wouldn’t really transfer well onto the Resident Evil series but it shows his flexibility as a director that he can orchestrate these amazing action sequences and also make you curl in horror and hide behind a pillow. Evans has a film coming out soon called Apostle which sounds like a feature length version of Safe Haven, this will definitely be something to keep your eye on. Gareth Evans has a bright future and please let him direct a Resident Evil film

So there we have it, our wishlist for the next director to tackle any future Resident Evil film. What do you think of our wishlists? Have we missed out on any particular names, who would you like to see direct an adaptation of the superb game series?

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