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Searching Shudder – We Go On (2016)

Shudder Exclusive We Go On is an interesting entry into the supernatural genre, but ultimately lacks the fear factor.

Directing duo Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton team up again following previous collaboration YellowBrickRoad (2010), this time to weave the tale of a man so paralysed by the fear of dying he offers a large cash sum to anyone who can provide irrefutable proof of life after death.

More a supernatural drama than horror, We Go On spins the cursed ghost angle on its head as we watch video editor Miles (Clark Freeman) desperately seek comfort in discovering there is life after death. After posting an advert in the local paper seeking knowledge of a life beyond our own, Miles attracts a plethora of attention from a variety of people. Using his advanced technological know how Miles finds most are fakers, but some appear to be genuine. Willing to try anything Miles ventures down a path that he ultimately might not be the same coming back from.

What We Go On lacks in scares it makes up for in intrigue. There is no real sense of fear, no tense atmosphere, or no jump scares that’ll get your heart pumping. But despite this the character of Miles and his story just about maintain your interest until the end of the film. Proceedings start out slowly, exhibiting Miles crippling fear of dying and his initial search to find answers. The film mercilessly cuts through the inevitable fakers looking to score a quick buck by showing short snippets of video, audio and images. Even so, it is still a little too patient in setting the scene. Once Miles has sifted through the fake footage and settles on speaking to three different people, and a mysterious caller, the film gets interesting. At this point there is the mystery of determining whether the choices Miles has whittled down to a genuine, and what else their motives might be.

As Miles starts to find answers to his questions, the reveals begin to take their toll and we begin to wonder where the story goes from here. It takes a path that is satisfying to watch, that is until the very end which feels like a slight cop out. If you’re looking for a frights and frills supernatural horror then you will be sorely disappointed, but should  you be looking for something different from an indie supernatural drama then We Go On is worth the brisk watch.

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