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We Want a Sequel to…Predators

Because…why not?

predators-posterFollowing Mahershala Ali’s Oscar win for Moonlight I did what anybody else would do, went and watched a film of his. However I decided to dig a little deeper into his filmography, going as far back as 2010 and watching one of my favourite films from that year, Predators. Yep that is right, Ali played the role of RFU death squad solider Mombasa in the last addition of the sci-fi action franchise. I’ve always enjoyed the film, but have you ever realised how much potential the film has for sequels, and why we bloody well haven’t got one already?

Shane Black might be directing a new entry into the Predator franchise with The Predator, but why can’t we have the best of both worlds and get a sequel to Nimrod Antal’s Predators as well? Of course that is a greedy thought, not to mention we can’t see 20th Century Fox trying to market two Predator films with different story lines. Unless of course they wanted one of those interconnected universes that are all the rage these days… Hold on, we might be onto something here.

I’m not sure what you remember of Predators but it got more stick than it probably should have, and it was far ahead of the nostalgia curve sweeping popular culture these days. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been praised for doing the same thing as Predators did 7 years prior, just a lot less subtly. The Robert Rodriguez produced flick is action packed fun, references the first film in a natural way, and expands on the universe with a really cool idea. It is also brimming with potential. Of course I am looking past the questionable character arc of Topher Grace’s murderous Edwin, the protracted ending, and the horrifically poor aim of these soldiers. But you can’t deny it has set the stage for something so much bigger.

                            predators-cast-image     predators-logo

A sequel to Predators can tap into so much potential, even if it is set on the same alien planet that Adrien Brody and Alice Braga’s Royce and Isabelle are still stranded on. The whole premise of the film is that the predators are using the planet and the lifeforms they abduct to hunt and hone their skills. This is not a one off deal, as visible in the film with the skulls of neanderthal’s littered around the predator camp and the old Samurai swords Hanzo finds, it has been going on for centuries. In the wider lore of the predator in books and comics, the training of this alien race is a serious deal, victory through combat allows them to ascend the ranks of clans and prove their metal against the fiercest of foes. But how do you grow and escalate events for a sequel? Thanks to Antal’s film we’ve already established they like to cherry pick the best of the deadliest killers Earth has to offer, as well as some unknown alien species. So let them do it again with a few unsuspecting humans, send another swath of predators in and then chuck a few xenomorphs in there too.

I hope that last point made your heart flutter like it did mine, because I can’t think of a more natural way to actually have a Alien Vs Predator film not bogged down by the constraints of explaining who, what, and why. It makes perfect sense that xenomorphs would be used as game, they present the ultimate challenge to the predator race and are easily more dangerous than us sacks of guts with guns. With the acidic blooded aliens running riot around the planet you can set off a three way rumble in the jungle with as much horror as your heart desires. But why stop there? Unleash a batch of facehuggers alongside some other alien races we haven’t seen yet and you can have all sorts of unholy monsters running riot for the humans to hide from, and the predators to hunt. Or how about a game preserve that becomes slowly and horribly overrun with xenomorphs because they thought hunting an alien queen was a good idea. Any one of these thoughts lends itself to balls to the wall action, and spectacular sci-fi horror.

alien-vs-predator-imageLet us take a step back before I get myself too excited with possibilities that will never come to fruition. If you want to keep things contained, a clan war between feuding predator factions with humans caught in the middle seems like a reasonable step. It’s not so much a stretch because Predators already touched on this, it would just needs expanding. You could skip a film sequel and do a comic spin-off/crossover that saw Agent 47, Machete, Wolverine, Bryan Mills, and Deadpool find themselves marooned on the game preserve…Silly I know, but awesome.

If there can be 5 Underworld films, 6 Resident Evil’s, and 7 Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s (soon to be 8) then there is surely enough room in the world for a few more Predator films. Because sadly we currently only have 3.

I’m a fan with a overactive imagination and a lot of desire to see another Predator film. Would you like to see a sequel strictly to Predators? Or should they leave it well alone?

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