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The Snooty Ushers’ Round-Up: March 2017

Welcome to the latest edition of the Snooty Ushers’ Round-Up! We’re looking back at the best (and worst) of March 2017.


Moving house meant that I missed reviewing February, but you can’t keep a Snooty Usher down that easily. March saw Beauty and the Beast do staggeringly huge numbers around the world, and Jordan Peele became the first first-time African American director to break the $100 million barrier at the box office with Get Out. Earlier in the month Logan garnered critical and audience acclaim, and the month closed with news that a huge box office take in China has pushed Kong: Skull Island into profitability, which should be enough to continue the push towards the Kong/Godzilla shared universe movie.

What did The Snooty Ushers think of March? And can you guess the reason and connection for this month’s pictures?

What’s the best film you’ve seen this month?

good 2

Dave: Beauty and The Beast. I missed Logan, so it has to go to Beauty and The Beast.  I wrote a glowing review (you can find it here).  I really enjoyed it, it helped that I went with my little girl and she was completely immersed in it.  It did a great job of building on the animated version and find something new to say (even if was just a little).  The musical numbers were amazing with Evermore a highlight.  This is everything you could possibly want from a fairy tale.

James: Logan. It’s a great film. Not just a great comic book/superhero film, or even a great action film, it’s a great film. Also we probably won’t see the like of it again anytime soon, due to Hugh Jackman’s long tenure in the Wolverine role naturally giving the character more depth. Unless Marvel are prepared to let RDJ deconstruct Tony Stark in Iron Man 4 (which obviously they won’t), I think there’s a chance Daniel Craig could produce something similar if he signs on for an other couple of Bond films. But in the world of blockbuster films, we don’t get to see genuine, long term character growth like we saw in James Howlett. Well done to all involved.

Dan: Logan...I don’t think I can be more effusive in my praise than I did in my review

And what was the worst?


James: I feel a bit bad putting it here, but Kong: Skull Island was the only other film that I didn’t really really like. It’s entertaining fluff, but the trailers (and parts of the beginning) did promise more. I’ll also mention that the second season of Love kind of… was just here. It’s like, it just happened. The characters are a strange mix of realistic and stereotypical… I’ll save anymore for the review I’ve been trying to do. Plus Iron Fist hasn’t drawn me in enough to actually finish the season. I’ve had the last 3 episodes sat there for a good couple of weeks

Dan: For the first time this year, I don’t think I watched a bad film at the cinema… and I enjoyed everything I watched so it would be unfair to name something. However, I did watch The Cottage for the first time. You know…that 2006 horror film starring Reece Shearsmith and Andy Serkis, alongside Jennifer Ellison playing one of the most painfully annoying characters to ever grace a film. It was a bit rubbish.

Anything else that has caught your eye this month?

good 5

Dave: I really enjoyed Kong: Skull Island, I know it was flawed, but I was totally into it and loved every second. Line of Duty, man, that first episode was definitely worth the wait.  Great TV.  Speaking of which, a bit late to the party, but with 3rd series on TV at the moment, I went back and watched Broadchurch from the start.  The first series was utterly compelling stuff and, after watching it, Olivia Coleman for The Doctor, or James Bond, or The Pope…she can literally do anything.

James: Obviously Beauty and the Beast is a lovely (if slightly unneeded) remake of a classic animation. I managed to see A United Kingdom, which is a very good film about a piece of forgotten history. I’d definitely recommend you catch it if you can. It was also good to get back into Designated Survivor, and I finally sat down and watched Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and eagerly await the next installments! Plus Line of Duty is back and as great as first episode as it ever has done

  • Dan: The Autopsy of Jane Doe managed to secure a one night only performance last night in the UK, and I’d been looking forward to this for months. It’s a brilliantly crafted horror film full of intrigue, with some ace (I’m digging using this word at the moment) performances. I also caught an early performance of Free Fire with a Q&A with Ben Wheatley, not only was Wheatley wholly interesting to listen to, he made a fantastically fun film. I also thoroughly enjoyed Kong: Skull Island and Get Out too.

What are you looking forward to in April?

good 1

Dave: Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2the first one was great, if they stick to the same formula, then  they can’t fail.  Fast 8, these films just never disappoint and I am glad they have side stepped the daft Fate of The Furious title in this country.  Going in Style looks fun and I am looking forward to taking the kid to see Boss Baby.

James:  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Obviously. I thought the first film was a step too far for the MCU, but boy was I wrong. It became our favourite Marvel film.  Table 19 is a weird looking comedy from the Duplass Brothers, so that’ll be one I might try and find. Going In Style plays to my love of heist films and old actors, plus is directed by Zach Braff, although it does sound very similar to a Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and William H. Macy film called The Heist from 2009

Dan: James Gunn made one of the best science fiction films ever with Guardians of the Galaxy so naturally I’m giddy with excitement for Volume 2. Fast and Furious 8 has me a little concerned that they’ve opted for a story where Dom Torreto has seemingly turned his back on family despite spending an entire franchise promoting it. So it’s either a thinly veiled game being played by Charlize Theron’s character or they’ve totally lost the plot.

And what are you dreading?

bad 3

James: The Smurfs Lost Village. For a few years, Pixar and Dreamworks, alongside Disney’s resurgence, seemed to have pushed animations like this out of the cinemas. “Alright” wasn’t good enough anymore. But they are sneaking back in. I think you can throw Boss Baby in here as well, even with them putting an Alec Baldwin/Glengarry Glen Ross reference into the trailer.

Dave:  The Smurf’s The Lost Village. Thankfully, the kid doesn’t seem too bothered, so looks like I might avoid it

Dan: April is a fairly quiet month outside Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Fast and Furious 8, but I will most certainly not be going to see Peppa Pig, Smurfs 3, or Boss Baby. Also Going in Style just looks meh.

What else has got you excited for April

James: WRESTLEMANIA happens literally tomorrow, although it would be a lie to say I’m expecting anything spectacular. And yes, that is why the pictures are all wrestlers! I’m also going to see a screening of the Black and Chrome version of  Mad Max: Fury Road (our best film of 2015)which should be pretty great. Plus the new season of Trailer Park Boys has just dropped!

good 6

And with that, we are done! Let us know what have been your favourite bits of March’s offerings in the comments!

Until next time, stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. See you soonish.

that's all folks

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