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Favourite Film : Ghostbusters (1984) Worst Film: Left Behind (2014) Guilty Pleasure: Pitch Perfect (2012) 40 year old family man from Hamilton, Scotland. I have settled in Gateshead with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Worked as a Cinema Manager (or glorified usher) for 14 years, now I run a chicken shop. Love Sport especially Football and Tennis. Love comic books, especially DC and particularly Superman. I own 58 Nicolas Cage films.
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The Cage Files: Vol. 3 – Southern Fury, Army of One, Dog Eat Dog

  It has been a while since I last binged on some of Nicolas Cage’s latest offerings.  So with a triple bill long over due, I delved deep into my collection (which now numbers 71) and carefully selected what I hoped at least would provide a solid evenings entertainment.  With the wife dispatched to an … Continue reading

Despicable Me 3 Review

  When Despicable Me 2 dominated the worlds box office in 2013, it seemed obvious and somewhat inevitable that the 3rd film would be with us sooner rather than later.  Illumination, however, decided to put The Minions front and centre in a slightly misguided prequel and we have had to wait 4 long years for … Continue reading

5 Iconic Jack Nicholson Roles

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”

We Want A Sequel To…RocknRolla (2007)

Guy Ritchie teased it, now it is time to deliver it!

Fan Cast – Line of Duty

The new series of the brilliant Line of Duty is currently on our screens, with Thandie Newton as the focal point.  She joins Lennie James, Keeley Hawes and Daniel Mays in an impressive list of series guest stars. Snooty Ushers and Line of Duty super fans Dave and James have put there heads together again … Continue reading

10 Of The Best British Cop Shows

To celebrate the new series of Line of Duty, we look at our favourite UK cops Continue reading

Beauty and The Beast Review

Tale as old as time. Disney’s live action Beauty and The Beast is here Continue reading

Sing Review

The latest animated feature from Illumination Studios and producer Chris Melendandri hit our screens last week.  I finally got around to taking the family.  Following a brilliant marketing campaign did the finished article live up to the hype?

T2 Trainspotting Review

T2 Trainspotting – we look at the long awaited sequel Continue reading

Top 5: Nicolas Cage Films 2000-09

  To celebrate Nicolas Cage’s birthday, it’s Nicolas Cage Week! Yesterday we looked at the best Nineties Nicolas Cage films. Today we pick our favourite films from 2000 to 2009 from the one and only Nicolas Kim Coppola.

Nicolas Cage in 2017

Continuing Cage Week,  a week long celebration of one of our favourite actors as he celebrates his 53rd birthday. Now, we are fully aware that Nicolas Cage’s cinematic output has dwindled and he has been reduced to churning out direct to dvd films that are, let’s say of a lesser quality.  It doesn’t make watching … Continue reading

It’s Nicolas Cage Week!

Any regular visitor to The Snooty Ushers site will know that we have a special place for the acting legend that is Nicolas Cage. As today, January 7th 2017 is his 53rd Birthday, we have decided to devote an entire week to the great man.